from the mouths of babes

for me, inspiration can strike (& has!) from virtually everywhere or anyone.  POETRY, in particular, has always struck a chord in ringing my artistic bell. 

the gals over at blogbanner450 are doing this fantastic art challenge called 2009 QUOTE CHALLENGE, using the amazing poetry of  hilda conkling.

hildaconkling2 (image from here; layout by yours truly)

i’m running a bit behind, due to getting over being sick, losing my voice & overall busy work schedule.  but here is my effort for the first challenge, BLUE:




there will be 23 quotes in all as well as the same number of special edition collage sheets for paper whimsy art forum members to use to create their artwork.  at the end of this quote challenge, i plan to bind all my 5×5 pages into a sweet, darling  book.  you know me, if there are books, art & binding involved, i am just all over that like a duck on a june bug, hehehe! 🙂 

the next quote is GREEN & when i am ready to share, you’ll be the first to see!

hope your weekend is going well.  until next time, happy sunday!

xo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. gorgeous quote piece, see you over at the whimsy place xx

  2. Mary Ann,

    Many thanks for the beautiful altered dress form…it makes me smile whenever i look at it!! You were so generous to giveaway so many wonderful OWOH gifts..I really appreciate having the opportunity to win one of your wonderful pieces!

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