during these times…


by now, you may have already heard about this.

such unfortunate news to befall someone who has influenced & inspired legions of fans worldwide these past couple of decades.

i created the above digi-collage in honor of not just her, but to all those folks out there who have been affected, to some degree, by the recession.

& to all those peeps who just need an extra boost of reassurance to get them through whatever it is they need to get through.

& while i’m thinking of it, i’d also like to add this to my giveaway to my pal she‘s butterfly extravaganza event that i mentioned in the previous post below. instead of just offering the 2 digi-collage pieces, i’m also going to throw in this pink little number as well.  she tells me that i’m up tomorrow on her sbab giveaway a day.  so please visit her blog tomorrow, friday, & be sure to enter your name there to win this or the other two pieces up for grabs. 

sbab2a sbab3a sbab3b

i’m planning to list these (& also some others like them) soon in both my etsy [now listed as of today] & lollishop shops too.  so please stay tuned.

bonne nuit


 et bonne chance!  


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