she became a butterfly’s event

as i alluded to in this post, i am participating in my pal she‘s 10-day long she became a butterfly (SBAB) blog event2rbyy4o

here’s the 411 in her own words:

Hi gang! My name is She and this week, I’m celebrating my NEW JOB! I got laid off in October and have been unemployed for 4+ months! This new job is (hopefully) going to change everything for me, so I wanted to celebrate by giving my FAITHFUL READERS a chance to win SEVERAL Butterfly-Themed prizes this week! Check back each day for a new giveaway!

so from my understanding, all you have to do is go to her blog, check out all the links she has for the butterfly-themed giveaways.   leave your name & contact info on her blog & then go to any of the participating links (like mine, for instance) , check out the offerings, leave a comment if you wish & then at the end of sbab event, she will use a random # generator & pick some very lucky winners.  once she picks the winners, then the giveaway sponsors (such as yours truly for example) will be notified & from there will ship directly to the lucky winner(s).  (she, i hope i got that right, hehehe!

sounds like fun to you? then go visit she‘s blog! go on…

  okay, to reiterate what i am offering (which she has told me that will be given away this friday, 3/6/09):  TWO hi-res, digitally collaged art pieces that will be delivered via email either in PDF or JPEG format (winner will need to specify preferred format prior to email delivery). 





just a little FYI about these digi-collages: 

***all copyrights are retained by me, the artist & as such are NOT transferable upon receipt. 

***watermarks will be removed prior to email delivery to winners. however, each digi-collage will have a discreetly placed digital signature & year on them.

***artwork is for personal use ONLY and not intended for resale, whole or part, in any manner, shape or form (e.g., cd compilations, derivative artwork for resale, website/blog banners/badges, etc., etc.).

***winners will need to specify PDF or JPEG format preference prior to email delivery.  they may leave a comment here on this post or email me at .  once i know what the format preference is, then email delivery will occur within 24-48 hours.

***open to both us & international players.  (yay! super fast delivery for the winners & no shipping costs to me!)

thank you for your patience, understanding & respecting copyright law.  

a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to she on landing her new job!  wishing you all the success in the world sweetie!

& for everyone else, thanks for visiting!  & bonne chance

xo mary ann 😉


One Response

  1. what beautiful digiart work!!! will check she out-sounds like a lot of fun…you’re AMAZING-you never stop…you’re like the energizer bunny…just keep going & going & going…xoxo loon 😉

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