dreaming of spring

came up for some air after spending a good part of the day organizing my pix in my computer as well as creating these spring-themed digi-collages:

 sbab2a sbab3a

 i mentioned that i was going to take part in my pal’s she‘s blog giveaway event that starts this coming week.   i thought i’d offer up these pretties.  

still debating whether or not to give them away as digital prizes or as 3-d pieces.  after spending some 75+ bucks on shipping of all those owoh parcels plus the vintage valentine itty bitty books last week, it would be nice to save a few bucks wherever i can, you know what i am saying?  if she will let me do digi prizes, then i am good to go.  but in case it’s a no-go, then i did already print them out (approx 4×6) & will start adding embellishies here &  there.

i could also use them too for this art fair that i am going to be doing over the st. paddy’s day weekend in a couple of weeks.  my IRL friend, cj, asked me a while back if i would show my artwork in her most romantic french country boutique, annabelle’s (stay tuned, she is working on a gorgeous website & a blog too).  i was so flattered & honored to be asked.  i told her that i will have to get crack-a-lacking on creating some new stuff.   but i do have some things already made that i could also show too. i’ve been meaning to make new things, but with my current work schedule as it is & getting over being sick, it’s been difficult to crank out the art, you know what i mean?  but i told myself, that i will devote this weekend to studio time.  i’ve got some more fun stuff to share & hopefully  i’ll be ready for the art fair in a couple of weeks. 

also, i am excited about starting round two of my digital journey.  starting next month, i’ll be taking more pse classes at my local community college by the same instructor i had last semester.  i cannot wait to learn even more cool digital stuff from him.  who would have thunk that i would be such a digi-junkie, hehehe?!

more and more, my learning curve & comfort level are steadily increasing.  the more i practice, the more adept i become i’m realizing.  it is wicked cool, this new-found skill of mine! 

welp, it’s time to get back to work.  there’s more to be done.  hope you’re having a good weekend! until next time i resurface, take care!   xo mary ann 🙂


3 Responses

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  2. wow!!! they turned out fantastic!!! your digiart collages are amazing and i truly love all the colours, images, phrases, fonts etc. that you combine + create…totally a perfect blend of beauty…you’re quite an expert and i can’t wait to see what else your ‘KEWL’ instructor teaches you…this is something i’d love to learn more about…FASCINATING!!! (ps…again, you were right…i was a complete mess after watching AMERICA…i ‘bawled my eyes out from the moment America started reciting Mrs. Harper’s telephone # and said he didn’t want to go…what a tear-jerker of a movie and again how right were you…total Izzy and Don-don look alikes…even bon-bon said, ‘hey, that looks like Izzy and don-don…’ makes you wish you could do more, right?! maybe even adopt…great movie…i’m steal wiping the tears…touched me-deeply…and that reggie-i had a feeling he was bad news…poor America…terrible things that no one should ever have to go through…thanks for the heads up…another touching movie…(hey, are you going to be my tv guide?!) i think so!!!!!) lub ya lots xoxo logi 😉

  3. […] a butterfly’s event Posted on March 2, 2009 by firstborn as i alluded to in this post, i am participating in my pal she’s week-long she became a butterfly (SBAB) blog […]

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