overdue thank yous

to offset the post below, here is a “nicey-nice” post.  i have been so cranky as i have said & this past week, have gotten sick, so haven’t been moving as quickly as usual.  i wrapped up a couple of valentine-themed swaps this week: the itty bitty vintage valentine one ibvvpage1214a & the secret admirer valentine swap. savsbadge21


to everyone who participated in both swaps, esp. to my secret admirer partner, rissa, who sent me this uber generous ❤ tin of valentine pretties:

savs2savs1savs3savs4savs5 wowza 3 layers of sweet nothings…

savs6savs71  out of all the lovelies, i think these two are my favs.  i just love the tinyness of them all.  🙂


my sis & her lil peanut visited me last weekend (before i got sickie!) & boy, did we get into all sorts of mischief, hehehe…we antiqued our little hineys off, hee hee.  my lil niece, a little shopaholic we created! i appreciated their help with getting my booth space decked out at the antique barn.  thanks a million loon & bon-bon xoxoxoxoxo!!!

ibvvgiftie & i almost forgot, i received this little cutie from one of the dear gals who participated in the itty bitty vintage valentine book swap as a thank you for hosting the swap.  sadly, i lost the little giftie tag of who sent it.  i think it may either have been robin s. or samantha m.???  anyway, i am deeply touched by this token of sweetness.  xo

okay, that’s all for now. i’ve made up some for my absence on the bloggy this week.  i need to lie down & get some rest. again,  have a super weekend! xo mary ann


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  1. Hello there MaryAnn! Sorry to hear you have been ill. I am out and about today visiting my blogging friends after a long absence (thanks to a troublesome virus). I hope you are feeling well again soon.

    Try some black cherry tea with a little local honey. It seems to help.


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