sweet favors & secret valentines

my sis begged me to do this tag meme, something called 4th picture.  i am not very good at doing these things, particularly now when i am so swamped with all sorts of wips & work-related projects & paperwork.  but i’m doing it just for her…

here’s the deal, you’re supposed to go to your “my pictures” folder in your computer & go to the fourth file & then find the fourth picture.  post this pix & tell all about that pix.  well, here’s my 4th pix: 


this is a pix of my dear, dear friend annie.   she came to visit me all the way from maine a couple of years ago (april 07).  i took her to the public gardens where i do occasional volunteer work & we had a picnic there.  we used to work together at togus, the va hospital in maine.  she is a certified occupational therapy assistant.  we worked on a lot of cases together.  i have blogged about her visit &  how she was like a “second mom” to me.  i miss this lady something wicked!   oh how we used to get into all sorts of mischief!  xoxo

now, after you explain what this pix is about, then you’re supposed to tag (now this is the part that i am not so good at) four other people to do this.  since this is the hard part for me, i tag anyone of YOU.  i think i mentioned this previously about how reluctant i am to do these crazy memes.  i’m only doing this one as a sweet favor to my sis.  🙂

real quickly now, i’m gonna share some pix of what i sent my secret admirer valentine swap partner, leslie.  she received her goodies about a week or so ago & i am just now getting round to sharing pix of what i sent her.  sorry, but it’s been super hectic adjusting to my new work schedule.  anyhoo, here they are:




secretadmirerswap2 she’s told me that she was thrilled to receive her secret valentine goodies i sent her.  i’m so glad. 🙂

mailout for this swap ends this friday.  so hopefully the gals who joined this swap have either mailed their secret valentine goodies or just about to.  i would love to host another swappy on the bloggy, but will have to wait a bit because work has been keeping me wicked preoccupied these days. oh, yes, good news, i’ve sold some things already (?!) in my lil shop at the antique barn.  omg, i am still setting up over there, hehehe!  will likely go there again (as i had this past weekend) to try to finish up pricing some more merch that i have out on the floor already.  the dh is going to hang some mirrors & a couple of long shelving soon.  oh what fun!   

oh my, look at the time, i’ve gotta scoot.  another long day with preschoolers.  but will be looking forward to playing some more in my lil shop after school, hee!  have a good week everybody!  xoxo mary ann


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