it’s getting there


yesterday after school, i went to my lil shop & started styling it.  the shelves are a bit bare but that’s because i only had an hour & a half to work before the mall closed.  & i still have more boxes of merch to go thru in the handy closet!  (sigh), slowly but surely, this shop will be fully stocked & up n running! 


sometimes i feel like the little engine that could, you know what i mean?  my new work schedule is leaving me all cranky & wonky (waaaah!).  but i’ve got to keep telling myself that it’s for the greater good: to achieve our personal goals.  & that this schedule is only temporary (though, june couldn’t get here wicked fast enough, hehehe!!!). myshop24093

like the little engine that could, i  will keep plugging away, even if i am getting to the point of exhaustion…


my lil shop is starting to shape up.  the hubby says i did good picking this space.  i think so too.  i am liking my spot & the white walls do brighten up my space. the “before” was way too dark for my liking.  & having the closet is such a bonus because it not only will be a convenient place to hang my vintage dresses and aprons, but also doubles as extra storage space.  i’m planning to add some sparkly curtains to frame the closet.  i just didn’t have my hammer handy.  i also want to hang some pictures on the walls.  i am really going to take super advantage of all that wall space.  i so hate a cluttered booth space, don’t you?  unlike the current state of my studio (lol), i plan to keep my shop neat & tidy.  many of the things in there right now are priced NFS because i haven’t had the chance yet to really start pricing the merch.  but tomorrow after my very much needed yoga session, i will tinker some more in the shop.  🙂

okay, time to get ready for school (again).  can’t wait for the weekend!


4 Responses

  1. I wish I could come and shop from your new space! It looks awesome already!! What a fun venture! 🙂

  2. Awwwww- how quaint! I luv it! I so love the wire forms. Everything looks great so far! You must be so excited?! I’m excited for you :O)


  3. woo-hoo!!!!!! your sweet shoppe is absolutely darling!!!! love the white walls and all the gorgeous shelving…to be filled with more of your delightful treasures…trust me this is one heck of a space…much better than hauling everything to the flea…and setting up until dawn for the hungry shoppers…you’ve done such a beautiful job…i surely don’t know how you do it. school, work, shoppe, whew…i’m just out of breath just thinking of all the things you’ve done…but like you said, if you don’t work hard for your dreams, how will they ever come true?! i am soooo PROUD of you REYA!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to see the shoppe in 1 more week…now this will be a Sweet Valentine this year…can’t wait to see you and your gorgeous treasure place! xoxo loon 😉

  4. OMG! OOOOOOHHHHHHH. EMMMMMMMM. This is A-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!!!!!!!! hun, you have met your callin’!!! Right out of the pages of country living!! oh, em. you are a designer to boot! Oh, em. no end to your talents!!! this is a little corner of paradise! Oh em, oh, em. oh em. it’s more than getting there hun, it’s arrived!!! I love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to you in 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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