what a DAY i had…

ibvvsweatshop1 getting close to wrapping up the itty bitty vintage valentine  book swap that my ning group is doing. 


ibvvsweatshop3 there are about 11 more sets of pages (um, that’s 30 pages per contributing artist!) that i am waiting on…but i thought i’d get a head start on the sorting & binding…

ibvvsweatshop4  omg, how lucky are we that we get our very own set of wicked sweet valentines?  & bound too!  wowza, this is going to be a real sweetheart of a book.  can’t wait to share pix of the final product.  🙂

i spent the better part of this morning doing that itty bitty business above. 

then, later this afternoon, i worked on loading some merch into my shop…

myshop1  see the walls?  i painted those last friday.  then yesterday, the hubby hung all those lovely shelving units on the walls for me.  so nice to have a dh who is a also an awesome carpenter. 🙂 

myshop2  i am not sure i want to really part with my pistachio green shelves.  it actually goes with a green distressed farm table that is still in my studio.  i may (or may not) decide to bring that table there at a later date.  i figured the shelves would be a great way to take advantage of all that wall space i have.  i may have to consider putting a ridiculous high price tag to ward off peeps from buying it.  or i could always fall back on the ubiquitous 3 letters: N*F*S (not for sale), hehehe.

myshop3 pardon the mess…still hauling, unpacking & thinking how best to display the stuff i brought (many of which were leftover from last year’s antique show). 

the dh brought up a good point about putting some long shelves the length of the wall above.  he said that one of these days he will do that for me.  aww, such a nice hubby, hee…

myshop4 see that cubby hanging on the back wall?  welp, yours truly actually built that baby from SCRATCH.  yeh, scratch.  it was my “independent” project i did for this woodworking class i took a few years back. 


 i handpicked my rough lumber, which were actual logs of maple.  the beadboard backing is made out of  oak which i bought at home depot.  but i milled & cut the rough lumber myself, as well as glued, screwed & sanded the entire piece.  it’s been awhile since i last touched a power tool involving sharp blades, but i had fun making this cubby.  it was meant to live in my studio, but i have run out of room, sadly.  so i decided to have the hubby hang it up in my booth space.  the hubby says to try to sell it…but idk, i’m not too keen about that idea.  he says he will build me another one.  i retort & say, yeh, but i made that, you know!  hmmmm, we’ll see…for now, it is going to make a rather handy little display/storage case. 

myshop6 this is how i left things when i called it quits for the day.  there is more work yet to be done (sigh)…but i plan to head back there tomorrow after school to work on organizing some more. & not too mention, start pricing stuff.  there is never any rest for the weary, is there?  at least i made a good start tho, right?

myreward1  but before i left the antique barn, i found a couple of inexpensive pretties…myreward2 as my rewards  for answering the door when opportunity knocked.


2 Responses

  1. OMG! Your itty bitty Valentine books are incredibly cute! And SO many of them…it makes my head spin!
    Also loved looking at your treasures, it was almost as good as shopping for myself!

  2. Wow, congratulations I hope you do really well at the antique barn… it’s tough owning and running your own store.. I co-own http://www.scrappindipity.com.au with my daughter.
    I love the quaint look of your store, and where did you get those wire mannequins and things?? I want some!! LOL
    Lovely blog 🙂

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