finding your dharma

i subscribe to yoga journal‘s e-newsletter & this week’s was an interesting one that i thought i’d share on the bloggy.  this notion of finding your dharma resonates with my current mindset.  it is a great reminder to stay true to who you are and to live a more authentic life. 


 (image is from wikipedia)

Three Steps to Finding Your Purpose

Recently at the Yoga Journal San Francisco conference, kirtan musician Jai Uttal told us, “I never felt like a real person until I started singing.” Even though he still harbors fears around singing, he said, he owns them and keeps going.

Uttal is a good example of someone who has found his dharma, or purpose in life. If we don’t take steps to find our dharma, we can work tremendously hard and end up unfulfilled. In order to wholeheartedly put effort into life, we need a clear direction.

This week, check in with your own dharmic mission by asking yourself three questions:
1) How do you make use of your passions and talents to fulfill the highest expression of yourself?
2) If you had all the time, money, and energy you wanted, what would you do?
3) If you had no
fear of failure, what would you do?

Please take a moment to share with us how you came to find your dharma, or the steps you’re taking toward finding it.

Om Shanti,
Andrea Kowalski


One Response

  1. WOW those are some awesome awesome things to think about! I am still doing CHeryls
    idea from the conference…
    I am elimating clutter for a soul dirved life!

    thanks for keeping the love and good karma
    I love your Artwork. I am so excited to find your blog! This OWOH event is totally awesome! Thank you for participating and I look forward to visiting again!

    Sharris at roadrunner dot com

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