25 random things about me

( edited version, full version on fb; i was tagged by one of my dear pals there)

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. (I tagged some of you that have already done this, so that you would know I did it too – you don’t have to do it again!)

1. my sister jo & i are 11 months apart.
2. the year i turned 7, my parents, sister jo & i became naturalised us citizens.
3. i spent my 7th birthday at walt disney world with my family.
4. i used to be a dog walker when i lived in dc.
5. once i had to dog-sit for one of my work-study bosses; he owned an irish wolf-hound.
6. i wish we could have a dog right now. but don’t get me wrong, i love our kitty tribe!
7. so i have to settle & watch cesar millan, the famous dog whisperer. i heart watching that show.
8. when i was at gu, i had wanted to get my ph.d in linguistics. but i learned that the scholarly life was not my cup of tea. so i cut my stay short.
9. i moved back home to chi-town. my mother encouraged me to apply for this airline job & get some “real world” experience. after years of being a “professional student”, it was my 1st job that was non-academia. & i loved the free travel perks!
10. when the airline company folded, i worked as a temp for about a year before going back to “academia”.
11. my high school years were horrid. i went to an all-girl catholic school where very strict nuns used to rain on our parade on a daily basis, it seems.
12. my college & grad school days, were infinitely much better. alls i know i was free from the nuns, AT LAST (which btw was our 1st dance song at our wedding).
13. in undergrad, i minored in art history. i had a fabulous professor whose passion for art was very inspiring & contagious.
14. back in the day, i was a nut over college basketball.
15. becoming a speech therapist was sort of by accident.
16. i hope to “retire” from speech pathology in about 5 yrs.
17. my passions are art, writing, antiquing, gardening & yoga. i hope i can do all of these things for many many years to come!!!
18. i want so much to open up a little tea room where folks can gather, have a cuppa & share their art. it’s not so much running a cafe per se. it’s more of a creative place.
19. i love opera. i’ve only been to one live opera & that was la boheme at the chicago opera house.
20. when i was in high school i used to join mini-marathons (5 & 10ks) & also used to run regularly.
21. i cannot even begin to tell you how much i heart yoga & what a positive impact it has made in my life.
22. i want so much to visit the white caves of greece. i recently saw a travel show to the various spots there & greece looks AMAZING.
23. actually, i would love to travel the world with my dh at my side of course.
24. lately it’s been my quest to collect vintage paper dolls.
25. wow, i didn’t think i could come up with 25 random things, but here we are at 25, hehehe. welp, let’s see… ok, i’m not very good at tagging people with these meme games, so i won’t. if you want to play, just copy & paste the instructions above & then have at it!


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