living a 2-4-7 life


sometimes i just want to retreat within…

away from all the noise:

the people, especially gossip mongers
the external & oftentimes random distractions
the busy commute to the new school
the meetings
the messy studio
the progress reports
the freaks
the geeks
the weirdos
the stack of bills
the errands
the wips
the laundry
the household chores
the voicemail messages
the guilty conscience…

i just want to be left alone sometimes.
& not feel guilty for just being.

folks on the autism spectrum may be onto something. when sensory overload strikes them, they automatically go inward.  a lucky by-product if you asked me.

this past week was something left to be desired. i’m going to try to relax and enjoy my weekend. i hope you do too.

i am astounded by the list of participants in OWOH this year. it is utterly overwhelming. i don’t know if i can get to the 400+ blogs!  i will try to tho because so many kind souls visited my post below.  thank you for that!  your generous words brought some sunshine throughout my less than stellar work week. 

i’ve had to re-read my notes 2 self this week to keep me from going completely crackers (on more than a few occasions, i might add).  have to keep telling myself that i am in charge of my life.  not the folks who think they are.  i really resent that.  it really is rather irksome that i have the displeasure of working with some not-so-kind, rude & inconsiderate souls.  it behooves me that they are actually allowed to work with young children & get away with acting like complete a$$holes. 

anyway…not going to go there.  it’s the weekend for pete’s sakes.

because of the frigid weather we’ve been having, my yoga classes have been postponed, which is a total downer.  i have been, to my credit, doing a little bit of yoga here & there, as time/energy permitted.  yesterday, our classes resumed & i was estactic!  my yoga instructor is the best.  after a session with her,  i always leave very relaxed and grounded.  on the way home from her house, i spotted this vacant yet intriguing old victorian.  idk, but its old bones spoke to me.  i just had to take a snap of it.  i love the windows & the overall shape of the house.  i just know that it is a diamond in a rough.  it would make a rather nice shop or studio, i am thinking??!  hmmmm….    vichouse1

planning to work on my itty bitty pages for the various swaps currently going on in my ning groupittybittypages1


also starting to wrap up the itty bitty vintage valentine swap too…wicked cute pages are trickling in this past week & hopefully in a couple of weeks, the books will be completed &  ready for mailing.  i’ve started the packaging process:ibvvswap2


while we are on the subject of valentines, i also sent away my secret admirer valentine swap parcel yesterday.  so by monday, i’m told, my secret pal should receive my goodies.  i hope that she will be delighted. here’s a sneak peek: secret-admirer-swap1

 & oh yeh, i meant to post this sooner, but here is the list of secret players in this swap:

list of secret admirers 

1. wenche m.
2. michele k.
3. stacy b.
4. robin s. 
5. stacy h. 
6. monica k. 
7. rebekah b.
8.risa p.
9. sarah h.
10. leslie p.
11. jo m. 
12. luanne o.
13. sandy w.
14. robin sw.
15. laura g.
16. nerissa a.
17. tammy r.
18. mary ann (me) 

being the somewhat type A personality that i am, hehehe, i’m trying to get as much of my swap wips completed because Lord knows how busy my work schedule is going to be now that i have increased my caseload by adding the new school contract.  so much to do,yet so little time.  gotta remind myself that i can only do so much in a given day, right?

at this moment, i am wishing i were lounging in some lavish tiki hut in bora bora, but i guess it’ll have to be in my dreams. 🙂

have a restful & enjoyable weekend.  it’s back to the sweatshop for me. hehehe.

xo mary ann


One Response

  1. your SA swap goodies are delicious! Your secret partner will LOVE what you sent! Woohoo!!! Fab!
    Remember- you are in control- don’t overwhelm yourself or you’ll burn yourself out. And WE (*I*) don’t want that!

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