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i just got word & i’m cutting & pasting this latest newsflash!>>>>>>>

Thank you for your support on change.org!  Because of your votes, ‘Save Small Business from the CPSIA’ is now one of the top ten ideas for change in America on change.org.  These ideas were presented to President-elect Obama’s change.gov/transition team at a press event in Washington DC this past Friday, January 16th. 

With 12,280 votes from supporters, our issue is now part of a campaign to increase national awareness of the lack of provisions for small business in HR4040, the CPSIA, and bring about positive changes to the law.  In the upcoming week, we will be working with the chang.org team to engage an appropriate non profit group to help us further our cause.

A forum has been opened for discussion on how to most effectively turn our idea into a successful national campaign, and the Handmade Toy Alliance would love your suggestions on how to bring about this Idea for Change. You can join the conversation here:


We still have a lot of work ahead of us to make it possible for the thousands of American craftspeople and small businesses to stay in business, and to keep unique, beautiful hand-made children’s products available to consumers. But this was an important milestone in our journey, and we are grateful to you for helping us to reach it.



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  1. I was flying by to tell you that I got an email from The Toy Alliance and we did it! We made it. Woohoo! I have the same update as well!
    We did it! *does the cabbage patch dance*
    tee hee hee!

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