r u ready 4 this?


(click on above badge & it will take you to the OWOH 2009 blog)

i participated in this last year & plan to again this year. what a blast it was & it shall be again, i’ve a feeling!   OWOH officially kicks off tomorrow, but not 100% sure if i’ll be right on time…maybe a few days after kick off time?  anyway, the blog-wide OWOH giveaway was created by this wonderful soul & will run until FEB. 12th.  that’s when the winner(s) will be announced.  i am planning a multiple giveaway like i had last year, so stay tuned.  just wanted to give you a heads up that the magical OWOH begins tomorrow!  🙂 woo hoo! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. mary ann,

    i haven’t forgotten about you or your talented art. i’ve just been going through rough times. just wanted to let you know i still read and still care. hugs.

  2. […] i’ve mentioned in the last teaser post, i am doing a MULTIPLE giveaway on the bloggy.  yep, that’s right.   you aren’t […]

  3. Please enter me in to your drawing. I just got into stamping and crafting. I make scarfs and hats and other fun things. And i have fell in love with it. I love your site… My sister has introduced me to blogging so this is my first one!!!


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