just for kicks

some random fun to get out of my system, hehehe…

i missed last tuesday’s spc‘s album covers posting…so i will post some stuff i had wanted to post last tuesday… it’s a freakin’ riot putting my face on various album covers.  i really want to recreate an album cover, but my hectic work schedule did not permit this this past week. 

 the other day when i was out & about, i found some crazy-looking album covers from a local thrift shop & i hope i can manage to do something with them before the weekend is out.  i’ve become rather smittened with the whole sleeveface phenomena that you can see more of here or better yet, buy the book.   it’s simply fascinating to me. an absolute riot. hilarious.   & i want to try me hand at it.  but like i said, my schedule has not been behaving. boo hoo 😦

i’m on sort of a time crunch now because starting next week, i’ll be adding on another school contract & will be giving up a couple of my days off  to work at this new place.  it’s not something that i necessarily want to do…it’s more like i have to do…to further our personal goals (the dh & i, that is).  anyway, i’ve been working like a (more than usual) mad woman to get my wips as completed as i can get them to be and also  get ahead on some swap/misc.  stuff.  in the midst of all this, i’ve been wanting to post these digi-altered album covers (thanks to pse!)…so here we go!

remember this 80s new wave band, bow wow wow?  welp, this album cover was a spoof on french realism artist, edouard manet’s le dejeuner sur l’herbe (luncheon on the grass, 1863). 758px-manet2c_edouard_-_le_dc3a9jeuner_sur_l27herbe_28the_picnic29_28129 manet is one of my fave artists & found this spoof too funny for words. 

spc11309wk2a & here i am spoofing on bow wow wow’s spoof, hehehe. ( i added the leaf for modesty’s sake).  i want candy  is my fave track from this album.   

spc11509e  & how about the b-52’s ? omg.  they came out with some funky, catchy tunes, didn’t they?  i can just hear luv shack playing right now, can you?  i do wonder where are they now?  hmmm….

spc11509d  omg, this is another one of them 80’s “new wave” or all-girl candy bands, however you want to call it…my sis & i actually had this album back in the day.  we were such fans of all-girl bands back then…cruel summer is a song that comes to mind…


blondie aka debbie harry was the ultimate cool chick from that era…i rather liked how i manipulated my mug on this cover.  don’t i look like a rock star all glammed up like debbie harry, hehehe? 🙂


toot toot, hey, beep beepbad girl, bad girl, nothing but a bad girl… (can you hear it?)

 this donna summer album, would you believe, was my very 1st lp i ever owned?  yup, i think i was in the  7th or 8th grade and i got this very album as a birthday present.  i sure wish i could get a hold of this actual album cover now.  this would make a great sleeveface photo op…hahaha…oh the possibilities!

i’ve got more up my sleeve (no pun intended, hehehe)…but i’ve got other things to attend to at the moment.  will be back in a jiff…

hope you are having a fun weekend! xo mary ann


One Response

  1. Hey Chica-
    I was an all-girl band fan too. Bananarama, The Go-Go’s, & The Bangles…. so many , more! How can you forget Joan Jett “I Love Rock n Roll” my all time fave song!
    Woohoo! Let’s Rock baby!

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