up 2 my eyeballs


in itty bitty business!  i spent the past couple of days wrapping up the winter wonderland itty bitty (those are in the mail btw to some lucky gals!) & now working on the vintage valentine pages.  those pages are due in my hands by month’s end (or at the very latest, feb 2nd).  i know, i know… i say this every time i complete an itty bitty book swap, but the valentine book, with its heart-shaped pages, is just going to be too stinkin’ cute! 🙂

i took some pix of my itty bitty weekend, but my digicam battery is recharging at the moment.  as soon as it’s done, i will add the pix, both from the winter wonderland & some of the valentine pages i’m working on.  omg.  no sooner i finish one swap & another one promptly takes its place, hehehe.

be back later with pix.


addendum: as promised, here are some collage pix:





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  1. Oh my goodness! What wonders! I can’t wait to get mine!~~~XXOO, Beth

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