the 2 madonnas

the 2 madonnas, originally uploaded by mainer at heart06.

i am having a ball with this month’s spc : album covers. i chose to splice my head onto this madonna cover because my sister was obsessed with madonna back in the day & this very album was played over & over & over…at our house. i think i still know all the words to many of the songs as a result. they have been drilled into the brain cells, i’m afraid to say.

i also chose it for the fact that the original cover was sepia toned & i being a gal of color, it was easier for me to play around with the contrast & color variations in photoshop elements. i changed the album title slightly (“mardonna”) to reflect one of my many nicknames i go by: mar, hehehe…

my dh laughed his a$$ off when i showed him what i’ve done. i think this looks more like scary spice than it does madonna, hahaha…welp, i gave it a go…if anything, it’s a funny spoof on me!

Uploaded by mainer at heart06 on 5 Jan


3 Responses

  1. has some great backgrounds to put your face in!!

  2. omg she, i just about pee’d in my pants lmao when i checked out that link! it’s too hilarious for words. i’m gonna have fun with that site!!!!

    happy new year to you btw!!! i hope 2009 rocks for you!!! xo

  3. reyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
    like that was totally hilar!!!!!!!!
    the ‘scary spice gal and mardonna’ album cover are absolutely too funny for words….as mom would say…’like a BIRGIN-touched por the berry pirst time!!!!!’
    i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this…you look fab! talk with you soon about your other post…save handmade…too scary!!!!! reya thanks for sharing the info (and thanks she for the cool and cute link!) xoxo loon 😉

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