a virtual holiday tea run slightly amok



we had our little tea party earlier today, but it was nothing short of  mayhem.  not exactly the kind of (relaxing) holiday tea that we envisioned…but nevertheless, we still managed to have some semblance of tea (& survive). lol!

you see we had additional guests at our tea party, which included 4 little (& might i add, highly energetic) boys.  they were sweet but oh so BOYS!  poor shioban, my lil 6 y.o. niece….she had five boys (her twin brother & the 4 little pals) to contend er, play with.  [ note to self, do not bring delicate vintage tea cups & saucers when there are 5 little boys running amok around at next tea party… unless, of course, i actually want to make pretty mosaic art from the  vintage tea cup shards.]


when my sis told me that she invited her friend & her family, i had no idea that our holiday tea was going to be overtaken by 1st graders and preschoolers!  talk about a bull in a china shop…make that FIVE bulls here.   it was NUTs n BOLTs can i just tell you?  omg. 


oh sure, the kids were having a gay ol’ time from their standpoint:  the house was in full christmas regalia, candy & cookies to be had at every turn, & yummy food too…& did i mention, toys?  yes, my niece and nephew have lots of them.  yes, i felt like i was back at school (where i work) as i kept the children contained entertained with card games & arts n crafts.  how quickly did i get into my speech therapist mode,  trying to tame these sugarloaded wild beasts  [ahem] excited, eager & energized children? yeh, wicked fast!   


the day started innocently enough.  i set out  making a few batches of sugar cookies with my sister’s kids helping me with cookie decorating.  they looked so darned cute & content as they sprinkled edible sugar glitter & colorful bits onto the cookie cut-outs.  they were such great helpers.  i told them they were my “elves”.  they got a kick out of that.  things were running smoothly so far. cookiepix11




then the witching hour guests started to arrive at noon-ish (as our tea was set for 1 o’clock).  my sister’s friend wanted to help us with the tea time prep. it didn’t take long before the festive holiday music playing in the background was getting drowned out by exuberant shrieks coming from the kids’ room. 

welp, i guess you can figure out where this is going, can’t you? yeh, uhuh. 

 little chitlins overloaded with sugar & bountiful energy + trying to host a (serene)  holiday tea party = NUTs n BOLTs.       


seriously, the notion of a relaxing, simply elegant holiday tea totally went out the window when a bunch of small children were thrown into the mix.  you can just fuuuuhgedduhbowit when you have an out of control mob scene er young, excited- that- christmas -is- coming children around. 

don’t get me wrong.  i love children & work with them all the time….just sayin’…  i wish we could do it all over sans les enfants.  you know what i’m saying?  yes, christmas is for children.  but please, holiday teas are for grown-ups.  OKAY?!  can we make that a standing order?  🙂


i write this to explain my tardiness for posting my tea time pix in the flickr group.  here we are, the hostess’ of the virtual tea & we were late to our own party!  but can you blame us?  we had small children running amok about?!   you try having a tranquil tea time with small, sugarloaded children around.  let’s see if you can orchestrate a dainty tea party with little bulls messing about?  yeh, i thought so.

in retrospect, even though we didn’t have the holiday tea party of our dreams, the children, on the other hand, had a BLAST. i guess in the big picture, they will carry with them happy christmas memories.  right?


[sigh] what are you gonna do?  i am sure there will be other tea times (sans les enfants) to come in the new year.  i’ve posted a bunch of pix in the vintage tea room if you want to see how we managed.  my lil sis & her new hubby came by & the kids at that point were doing some gingerbread art making.  who would’ve thunk that they would be interested in making some kiddie art, hehehe?  my lil sissy’s two kids were at her ex’s for the weekend, but my sis & her new hubster came by with some goodies.  they wanted to make some gingerbread art to take home for the kids…






i wonder if it was really for them??  they spent hours making theirs, hehehe! 


even though our vision of a fab holiday tea didn’t exactly pan out, we still found comfort and joy with each other.  after all, isn’t that what matters at the end of the day?


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