it’s beginning to look like a white, snowy christmas

they say that we are ahead of the snow curve this year when compared to last year.  last year at this time, we had about 25 inches of snow accumulated & to date, we have 31 inches of the white stuff!  & we’re not done yet.  there’s more snow on its way. it’s been snowing like every other day it seems. omg.  snowytues1 this was from last tuesday’s snow storm




snowyfri4 & these were from yesterday’s snowstorm.  another snowstorm is brewing for later on this afternoon, but there is a “break” between now & later on so that i can make a run for it over the border. you couldn’t go anywhere yesterday.  our driverway was way passed my ankles, near close to my knees!  the dh couldn’t even get out of the driveway to go to work.  so we were literally snowed in.  later though, a friend of joe’s came to dig us out with his truck plow & gave joe a hand with the snow removal detail. 

 i’m heading off to my sissy‘s house this weekend & hopefully, i’ll get there in time before we get dumped yet again, hehehe.  as pretty as snow is, i just do not like driving in it!

xmastree2 anyhoo, the tree is finally trimmed.  we got a slightly smaller tree this year because frankly, i just did not want to have to deal with all the decos that i usually put on the tree.  i think i only used a little over half of the ornies i usually put.  it’s on the narrow side, but that is perfect for its spot, any fuller, we wouldn’t be able to get out thru the french doors.  it’s about 81/2 ft tall…about a half a foot shorter than last year’s.  i still think it came out ok.  less to take off come time to take the tree down, is what i say!



xmastree4 i’ve stuck to my silvers, creams, blues & greens again this year like i’ve had for the past couple of years.  they are still my fave colors for our tree.  i don’t think i will ever grow tired of them. 

oxmastree1 the dark “blob” next to the tree is my dh’s chair.  there’s a quilted afghan over it…anyway,  this time of year, i kind of take over the chair because i like to sit & ponder by the tree when it is all aglow.  i get in sort of a hypnotic state from staring into all the glowy kajillion lights on there, hehehe.  but it’s good to just take a load off & just be from time to time.    

teaornie1 welp, i’ve got to get dressed & hit the road soon.  i’m going to get ready with my sis & her chitlins  for tomorrow’s virtual holiday tea party…yay!  hope you can come & join us.  it’s sure to be a fantastic time.   

santa-baby1  have a super weekend! xo mary ann 🙂


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  1. Oh how lovely! You stay snug and warm up there!~~~XXOO, Beth

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