smells like cookies


over at my house today 🙂cookiepix1

yep, tis the season… mass quantity baking for family, friends & acquaintances.  i’m in between batches, but, man, the house smells like a cookie factory, hehehe.  kinda reminds me of the time when i worked at the nabisco cookie plant in chicago many moons ago.  i was in cookie heaven!  imagine watching ginormous batches of cookies being made, thrown into an equally ginormous oven & then, eating a fresh-out-of-the (humongo)- oven nutter butters?  & still warm even!  ahhh, such fond memories of that place.  good thing i didn’t work there long or i would have turned into one of their ginormous mixing bowls!cs3c

we have the tree up, but i’ve been busy baking that i haven’t gotten to my tree trimming yet.  it sure does smell nice tho.  i know, i’m running behind with my holiday decorating, but at least i got our tree & it’s up.  it’s just naked at the moment.  not sure tho, if i’m going to pull out all my holiday decos.  maybe just the ones for the tree?  idk. we’ll see how i feel tomorrow.cookiepix4

another week of school & then it’ll be xmas vacation. woo hoo, can’t wait.  i think i will  head to my sis’ house next weekend to do our virtual holiday tea together, which is a week from tomorrow (12/21).  my sis is already planning the menu, omg.  she says she wants our holiday tea to be like how i had it set up last christmas, when i made an eclectic array of delectable hors d’oeurves.  the dh & i feasted on the stuff that whole weekend, if memory serves.  i think i went a little nuts n bolts last year.  & now, it looks like my sis wants to go all out. omg,  my sis is a nut, hehehe, but i think it will be fun doing the virtual holiday tea together.  so if you happen to be around next sunday, why not pop by for a virtual cuppa tea? it will  be a grand time. 🙂wwibcvri also managed to finish up the covers (front & back) & my pages for the winter wonderland itty bitty book swap that my ning group is doing. i took my set of pages & the covers & ran them thru the binding machine just to see how they were gonna look.  well, blimey, they came out stinkin’ cute, if i do say so myself.  the gals in the swap will be super pleased when they receive their completed books.  these books bring so much joy & inspiration to not just only me, but to so many others.  it is astonishing to me how these books have come to bring so much pleasure to so many. knowing this only motivates me to carry on.  these itty bitty books are so darn irresistable. 🙂

speaking of books, i keep forgetting to post some outside book collabs that i participated in.  a dear bloggy pal, lisa, hosted some wonderful swaps involving doll houses & halloween opera.  i received my copies of these books, but have yet to post pix. i’ve been fa- la-la-la-ing , hehehe…but  i promise, i will get those up soon.  she hand-bound those books & she did such a fab job.  as busy as she is, i just do not know how in the world she finds the time to do this (hehehe, i am one to talk, right? ha!)  thanks lisa, you are the best! 🙂


welp, duty calls.  kp that is, hehehe.  the other day i found some interesting finds from my recent antiquing jaunts.  but i will have to save that for another post.  have a good night.  xo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. yum yum! Your cookies look so good!
    I’m so craving an itty bitty book swap. I told myself after the first of the year 🙂
    Take care

  2. I love my Get Well Book! Thank you so much. You are wonderful and so thoughtful.
    My love to you,

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