overdue postage

today i am home from school (yay!) due to a SNOW day (double yay!). just north of us,  it’s been snowing since yesterday afternoon. around here,  it rained & sleeted overnight & this morning,  it’s been snowing  for a couple of hours now & will continue to do so until this afternoon.  it is definitely a “stay-in” day for sure.  it’s looking very much like a winter wonderland out there.  this isn’t our first snowfall…maybe our third or fourth?  but this one is a BIG one.  you don’t know how  relieved i am that i don’t have to venture out in conditions like this.  i’m an absolute wreck when i am forced to drive in blizzard conditions…total white-knuckle factor.

ever since i went on my bloggy hiatus, it occured to me how much i actually prefer staying at home.  if you had asked me  say 15-20 years ago about being a self-professed homebody, i would have denied it.  i find the hustle & bustle of urban life less & less appealing as i get older & that i’d much rather stay & putter around home than go run a gazillion & one errands. i hate crowds, long lines & traffic jams.  i’m yearning for a less harried lifestyle: to live simply & authentically.

i’ve been thinking about maine a lot more these days.  i thought we’d have already returned there by now.  but i can’t believe that we are still here in cheeseland.  i don’t think that neither joe nor i thought we’d be here this long.  a couple of years tops. but here it is, 5 years post & we have yet to head back to maine as we initially planned.  you see, maine is where we left our hearts.  we both (thankfully) believe it’s where we (be)long.  it is there where we did actually live simply and authentically; where we did live large & felt the most alive.

 in contrast, it’s not really like that here.  yeh, sure we have made the best of things here, but we still, in the back of our minds, wish to return to the place where we truly lived.  the truth is, the longer we live here, the less alive we become.  we just merely exist.  & that’s no way to live. & i think that we have just about had our fill.   

so here goes:

 i am putting it out in the universe that one day very, very soon, we will return to our beloved maine.  to regain our identity, to re-ignite those dormant dreams, to live life large again.  you hear that universe?  i’m putting that out there. this has been long overdue. & it needs to be said out loud. so, do your thing universe,won’t you?  pretty please with sugar on top?  do your thing. 


on a completely different note, i have so much to catch up on with you.  having had some time offline, i’ve been able to work on some wips, not too mention, de-stress and think clearly. i’ve posted pix in the above gallery of the itty bitty pages that i’ve been working on for a number of new itty bitty books that the ning group has been involved in. btw, please click on any of the pix above to enlarge. 

i’ve also been able to complete some other swaps: cookie swap  and vintage christmas stocking .   one of my cookie swap partners (i had to double up on partners bec. someone had backed out), awtem nymf sent me such a delightful tin of delectable cookies, sugar cut-outs & spice drops.  can we say YUMM-O?!  they are almost gone!  i made her some swedish spice cookies called peppakarkor & sugar cookies too (see above pix) but forgot to take pix of the extra goodies i sent along to her.  you can go to her blog to see the pix she took of what i sent her. thank you awtem nymf for the cookies & also for thoughtful extras!  i really appreciate everything. 🙂

for the christmas stocking swap, i sent my partner, nicole, vintage-inspired stocking fashioned out of tulle, silk & other frou-frou bits & bling.  i also sent her extra goodies, but like my cookie swap partners, i forgot to take pix of those extra treats. luckily she & i share similar tastes & color palette.  she has received my package as i have hers & we are both delighted with our swaps.  vielen danke nicole, i so appreciate everything you sent me!! 🙂

finally, one other swap i participated in was liiolii’s button swap in flickr. this swap has been over a while ago, but i finally got around to post pix (see above) of what my partner, christina, sent me.  thank you sew much christina, please my apologies for this belated post!!!  i believe i may have posted about this last month or perhaps last october, can’t remember which. but the pix of what i & others have sent are posted in liiolii’s swap group that i linked above.  go check it out.  there are some really cute buttons.  & i am such a freak for those ubiquitous & utilitarian bits of sewing fabulousness, hee hee.

okay, i believe i am caught up on all these crafty swappiness.  i signed up for a couple of new ones for the new year, outside of the ones that i already host in the fyb ning network. but, sigh, i had to unfortunately back out because life was getting hectic again after i had worked so hard to get things to calm the heck down these past weeks away from the blog.  & shucks, they were good ones too. but i know that i will have other chances in the new year.

still looming over my head, tho, are my mission to purge all our unused things and to finally, finally wrap up my zine project, which now is getting pushed into winter.  i had such high hopes to get it ready for release this fall…but sometimes, even well-intended plans don’t always pan out.  too many distractions & (over) commitments got in the way.  there was always something that drained my attention & energy.    hopefully, with winter break in less than 2 weeks, i will have time to wrap things up. 

i was going to get our tree after school today, but school was cancelled & the weather outside is still very frightful. so there goes that idea.  welp, there is always tomorrow.  hopefully, the roads will be cleared by then & i’ll be more in the christmas-y mood to buy our tree with everything being so nice, bright & freshly powdered. 🙂

so for now,  i guess i will get to my holiday baking, throw a load of laundry in & watch some fa la la la lifetime (hehehe!).  until next time, keep warm & have a hot cuppa chocolate on me!

xoxo mary ann 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Hi Hun! I’m so glad that you like all the goodies you got from me :O)! Did the cookies arrive to you okay? Or were they scrambled from the handling?
    I borrowed the “after” pictures I hope you’re okay with that? Lemme know!
    You’ve been busy! I love looking at the itty bitty books. Looks like a lotta fun and work too!
    Hugs & Faerie Dust!!!

  2. hey awtem nymf! the cookies are already GONE!!! they were so freakin’ delish!!! they came in just fine, a couple of gingerbread hands broke off, but all the spice cookies were intact. YUMM-o!!!

    i tried making the spice drop cookies using my sugar cookie dough. but somehow they get flatten & not stay round. any tips on getting them to stay round would be greatly appreciated! xo mary ann

  3. Hi Sweetie-
    did you use butter? If so- what kind? I sent you the recipe in another Xmas card! You should have received it by now :O)
    Lemme know!
    Huggles & Faerie Dust!
    Love your mini books, and you should make a tutorial on matchboxes. I so wanna learn!

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