is it love or is it madness?

take your pick, hehehe… i seriously have itty bitties on the brain.  🙂

ibcubby2 initially, i was going to sell this vintage-inspired divided display case in next year’s flea-tique (i actually have 2 of these), but i think i’ll hang onto them, as i realize they make the perfect display for my “itty bitty library,” don’t you think?  i mentioned in a previous post that my sistas, jo & lia, have been brainstorming a plethora of fun itty bitty swap themes for the coming year here.  in fact, i’ve come up with 2 more new swaps for next februrary…oh my!  but more about that a bit later…

at the moment, i am wrapping up the itty bitty marie swap hosted by my sis. as the following pix will show,  i’ve been up to my eyeballs & knee deep in MARIE. ibmarie1 

OMG, i know, right?!




ibmarie5  i’m hoping to get these books all completed & shipped out to the 26 participants by monday.  there is one extra copy, but that will be going to somerset‘s call for marie art.   their deadline is nov. 15th.  & i think our itty bitty marie book will just make it in time! 

this morning, i got up unnecessarily early, especially it being a saturday. dear lord.  but since i could not fall back to sleep, i decided to follow thru with more itty bitty swap ideas for february.  i’m planning to host 2 (or perhaps even 3!) itty bitty book swaps on the fyb ning network.  we have 2 on-going at present (winter wonderland & vintage valentine).  if you are interested in singing up for these swaps or the new ones depicted below, you’ll need to head over here to sign up.  the new ones i’ve dreamed up are these:    


(digi collage by moi; image from here)


(digi collage by moi, image from here)

i’m already thinking ahead for march & april’s swap themes, hehehe.  but i’ll be good & wait a while before i announce those. hee…

what did i tell ya?  it’s a sickness, this itty bitty madness.  i’m afraid it is infectious, if not terminal. 🙂

oh yes, i wanted to show off this little pretty that i WON on ebay the other day. 

dp1  isn’t it just darlin’?  crafted by the fabulously talented debrina pratt.  this sweet little number is sitting on top of my itty bitty display case.  i’m thinking i will need to get the dh to hang these itty bitty cubbies somewhere prominent.  i’d put them in my studio if i had actual walls.  as it is, my studio has stud walls on 2 sides & the other is concrete (my studio is in the basement), so that wouldn’t work out too well.  hmmm, will have to scout out a dandy little spot for my growing itty bitty library.  i wonder if it wouldn’t be asking too much to put them in our bedroom?  i need to have my itty bitties nearby, to fondle & ogle.  a girl’s gotta have her fix within easy reach & in plain sight, you know. hee hee 🙂

9 Responses

  1. I LOVE your display for the itty bitties. What a great idea 🙂 I saw the new swaps & I’m so tempted. I’ve still got so much to catch up on & I promised myself I’d jump in after the holidays.
    Take care & looking forward to your new creations.

  2. I will have to be in those you know. I am now hunting for a display shelf such as yours.

  3. Wow! A whole new look for you! That display box is sooo perfect! You coujld probably make a fortune sawing and cutting them and selling them to all the itty bitty crazed peeps, like me. Congrats on winning a Debrina on ebay-that’s hard to do! It’s great! Can’t wait to see the Marie book-it should surely make Stampington. There’s be no explanation why not.

  4. I love your itty bitty books. They are precious. There is NO WAY I would be able to part with such an adorable display case. LOL


  5. This is a nice post about book Gift cards and its a very needed information.
    Thanks for such an important post.

  6. I’m embarrassed to admit that I find tiny things annoying to do – But! The ones you show are so cute that I am sorely tempted to try again! That box is perfect. Gina is right, you could make a fortune making and selling those I bet. Wish I were more handy with power tools…


    Lucky you! That Debrina piece if fab!

  7. The little display box is perfect for the itty bitty book collection. How cool will they look all together.

    Thanks for being such a great hostess, we get to meet the nicest people through your swaps.

  8. Oh my I wished I got in on this swap, every itty bitty images of all the itty bitty cards look amazing, how could you even let them out of your site, they are all so beautiful.


  9. aww, thanks ladies for your sweet words! the swaps are a lot of fun (& a ton of WORK) but oh so worth it bec. i get to meet & collaborate with some of the uber creative gals in the blogosphere. i feel truly grateful to have come across many not just talented artists but also kind & genuine people thru my swaps. 🙂

    now, back to my bloggy break, hehehe…
    xoxo mary ann

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