back online


i’ve been back since late monday after visiting my sis in chi-town last week as well as spending the past 4 wicked-fun days with my greek sis in our nation’s capitol.  i do have some tales & pix to share of my recent adventures, but at present, i am knee deep in itty bitty marie pages for this swap my sis is hosting here.  plus, i have a couple of school meetings this week that have been eating up my energies.  i will share soon…i just wanted to check in & let y’all know that i am still “alive n kickin” hehehe.  i posted some new merch in my etsy & plan on posting more…when i can get a spare second to do so, ha!  and i’m also working diligently on my zine project.  it is taking me waaaay longer than expected (seriously, i wish i had a personal assistant or 2 or 3!), but i am determined to get it out very soon.

i keep telling myself, prioritize.  i have to if i aim to stay on track, be focused.  & blogging has taken a back seat, i’m afraid.  particularly since the start of the follow your bliss network.  i owe it to my subscribers to update the site reguarly.  we have two new itty bitty book swaps in progress & sign-ups for paid subscribers continues for a couple more weeks.  my sistas & i have been brainstorming all sorts of fab ideas for upcoming itty bitty book swaps in the network. i am planning on offering 2, maybe 3 per month for the entire year.  OMG, i know.  but these books are so beloved, you know?  they bring so much JOY & INSPIRATION to so many, you know what i mean?!  & the ideas we have cooked up, well, they are oh -so fab, can i just say?  in fact, i am already cooking up more swaps & will be revealing them very soon.  lots of exciting stuff to come folks.  just stay tuned & see!

okay, i’ve got to get crack-a-lacking…no rest for the weary & all that! have a blissful rest of the week!!! 🙂

xo mary ann


3 Responses

  1. Hi Mary Ann.
    Can I mail you a 20 dollar money order to join the group/ I still am not gonna swap till I get this surgery done, but I want to get it to you ASAP.

  2. hey mahala,

    no worries my dear!!! i know that you are gonna join the gang when you are fully recovered…i am saving a spot for you, so pls. don’t worry…you are in! send the $ when you are ready & raring to go, ok? okay! 🙂 xoxo mary ann

  3. You’re the best Mary Ann.

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