sugar n spice

a mixed media piece on 12 x 12 stretched canvas custom made for a dear pal, terrie (aka chocolate is the best medicine on flickr) who is expecting a baby girl any day now.  i hope that she will be delighted.  i really enjoyed making this, especially with her precious bebe coming very very soon!


it’s getting late & i want to get up early tomorrow because i just found out that my fave antique mall has closed  its doors.  that makes me so sad. 


they are holding a huge auction tomorrow & i will be going to it.  i can’t believe it!  i am still in shock.  they held a preview for tomorrow’s auction & i felt such a sense of loss as i walked into what was once a bustling mall.  now it is a sea of boxes & shelving fixtures.  such a pity.  it’s like loosing an old friend.  this place was one of the 1st places i discovered & frequented regularly since moving to the area 5 yrs ago.  this place was like an institution…& now it’s a shell of place.  so sad…

well, life goes on.  will see how mobbed the place will be tomorrow.  i guess i’ll be there to pay my respects & bid a fond farewell.


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  1. your tags are gorgeous!!!

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