full steam ahead


i am so grateful to be at home today.  my self care card today is GRATITUDE.  & so fitting because that is the mood that i am in today. i woke up this morning bursting with this incredible sense of joyful gratitude.  yesterday was a bit of a nightmare, but today is a new day.  i am so glad.  i can concentrate on more important business, like this & that. 🙂

the growth of the new site is exciting! can i just tell you?  i am humbly grateful to everyone who has joined the network. their support & enthusiasm overwhelms me, but in a wicked good way!  🙂

i am working on putting together a few fun giveaways in there as well as dreaming up more swaps. my plan is to offer an itty bitty book swap (or two) each month. i have so many swap themes bursting in my head that it only made sense to offer a ton of swaps in the new site.  didn’t a tell you that those itty bitty books were addicting, lol?  to learn more or join in on the fun, please go here. 

the zine project is coming along too.  in fact, much of my day will be spent working on the zine.  it is so nice to have uninterrupted time to work on this.  i’m reworking the covers & editing some more copy.  there’s plenty to do for sure.  & i am happy to do it! 🙂

to be grateful is to have a joyful heart.  that pretty much sums up how my day is going. & i hope yours is going that way too. 🙂


One Response

  1. hi Beautiful,
    Wow, you have so many exciting things happening. Just wondering where I can find out more about your zine. I can only find your posts here about it asking for submissions and telling about your work on it.
    Please tell me more.
    Angels be with you dear,
    Wendy XO

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