it’s here: follow your bliss network!

i am pleased to announce the launch of my new site>>>

i spent the better part of today working on getting the follow your bliss network up & running. whew! now i can so appreciate what IT peeps have to deal with….this techno stuff is all very time-consuming, omg! 🙂

about a month ago, i created the network & about a dozen or so groups within the network. today, i added 5 more groups in the mix as well as announced TWO brand new swaps. i’m still working on the badges for these new swaps, but i wanted be sure i get the site up & running asap! so here it is, my new network is ready to rock n roll. i am so relieved, you know, lol.

if you are interested in joining this exciting new adventure of mine, please, go here & check it out.  i’ve got a couple of new itty bitty book swaps (i.e., winter wonderland & vintage valentine) lined up & the deal is that in order to join them, folks will need to join the new site i created on   go here to read why i’ve set it up that way. 

wishing you all a fab weekend! mine will be spent behind the scenes tweaking the new ning site as well as working on my zine project.  until next time, shine on! 🙂

xo, mary ann


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