i don’t get it…

i was minding my own business today, not bothering any one.  not a soul.  having some time finally to work on pages for my zine project.  then i get this call from the principal at the school where i work.  here it is, my day off, & i’m wondering what’s up? 

OMG.  i cannot believe the crazy stuff she was telling me…about something i had written re: my clinical (i.e., PROFESSIONAL) impressions of a certain student. without going into gory detail, let’s suffice it to say that she wanted to change what i had written before giving my report to the student in question’s parents (it is parent-teacher conferences this week & i do not work overtime, so, hence, the write-ups i did for my students).  mind you, i had already signed this informal report & now she was wanting to basically put words in my mouth. i was taken aback by this unexpected (& needless!) phone call.  it was not setting well with me, but at the time, i was so caught off guard, you know.  i was fuming inside as she went on about how my report would get miscontrued by this particular parent, who has a history of being uber “sensitive.”  yeah, whatever, i thought…couldn’t this have waited until tomorrow when i am officially “on duty”?  c’mon, wtf.  [note to self, SCREEN CALLS on day off!]

then i thought back on what i wrote & i assured the principal that what was written was not done so in malice & that i was merely stating my clinical observations.  i used language that was simply written & as factually & objectively as possible.  i saw nothing wrong about what i wrote & i stand by it.  i am & have always been an advocate for my students/patients/clients in the 15 years in the field.  i am a trained healthcare professional who has treated a great number of people over the years & am more than capable of writing an objective, factual & professional report.  i resent that my report would be called into question.   i believe that my report, as brief & informal as it was, was ethically & tactfully written.   in my view, i was doing my job, providing a succinct update of the student’s progress, offering my clinical advice which i felt was warranted… all because i acted as advocate for my student. 

i am trying to shrug off this very definite (& my opinion, overblown) misunderstanding, but i cannot help but feel offended.  yes, my knickers are in a twist.  i was having such a lovely day too…sigh

it’s moments like this that i have to remind myself to:  breathe. think happy thoughts. know that i acted in the best interest of my student.

& that tomorrow is another day.


2 Responses

  1. The key word is “breathe” (I am a big fun of Tolle). And a good news: I got your nice dress yesterday, it was such a lovely surprise, I did not expected so soon. Thank you very much!

  2. Hi Mary Ann
    Keep your head up. It’s always so hard when you feel your work ie: integrity is being questioned. You have such a wonderful vibe about you & all the projects I have experenced with you.
    Have a good weekend. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.

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