a while back i had gotten these self-care cards created by cheryl richardson, a life coach i’ve known about since i watched her speak on pbs many moons ago.  & lately, i’ve been turning to her cards & picking out a card a day.  today, listening was what i picked out & it is such a fitting reminder.  i have been trying to slow down as for several months i have been running in overdrive.  & the effects have been wearing me down. over the summer, i had such grandiose plans & overcommitting to a plethora of projects… basically getting sucked into the FOG.

but, it’s a new season & new seasons call for new things, changes & slowing down.  i was feeling stressed about not being able to get my zine project off the ground by oct. 1st.  i have had little time these days to properly devote the time & energy that my zine project deserves. the zine is very important to me.  it touches on a topic close to my heart.  &  i am proud of all the content planned for the zine & i want to do a decent job, you know?  plus, i am still awaiting my cover art that i commissioned last july to arrive.  balancing new work schedule, studio wips & family commitments have been requiring my attention these days.  no zine or studio time this weekend as we have a family wedding to attend in chi-town.     

 i finally have to accept that i am only human… just one girl, who can only do so much in a given day.  to keep faith that things will fall into place… that the zine will come out when it comes out & it will be oh so FABULOUS… {sigh

new season, new thought patterns: slow down. reflect. accept. keep faith.

& listen.


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