flea wheelin’ & dealin’

with tremendous help & support from my sis loon & our mom, pat, i got through another adventurous weekend here.  while it is inifinitely EASIER & much more enjoyable to SHOP, i have a greater appreciation for dealers & retailers, in general.  we worked our little tushies off for this last show of the season & i am getting exhausted just thinking about all that transpired over the weekend, hehehe.   & if i hear another person asking me, “can you do better on your price?”, i will SCREAM. lol, but seriously, it was a TON of work.  my sis & mom did some “undercover” market research while i manned the booth & said that my pricing was very competitive.  before the show, i did worry a bit about some of my pricing choices, but they both reassurred me that mine were more than fair. 

there was a distinctly different vibe this time around though as well as not so friendly neighbors to the west of us. last time, we had nice neighbors on either side of my booth.  but these dealers were newbies to this particular venue & came very late to set up their rather sparsely decorated booth.  by the time they came, my space was already secured & decorated.  their booth space was not as generous as mine & they were pretty vocal about that.  plus, they placed their stuff so close to my booth space, blurring the invisible boundaries, so much so that they got pretty irked whenever people kept mistaking my merch as theirs.  so many times throughout the show, they had to send peeps over to me.  it’s not my fault that they encroached upon my space…{how uncouth.  my space was reserved months in advance & continue to be reserved for next year as well… plus, we set up the day before…hmphf!}.  anyway, i was too busy working the booth to notice all that weirdness as business picked up by midday.    

the cold, overcast weather was a bit of a deterant, but all in all, we did okay.  last time, the weather was sunny & pleasant & TONS more foot traffic…but as i learned, that’s how it goes…ups & downs.  we may have had less peeps traipsing in & out of the booth, but the one consistent refrain throughout the show was, “you have such a beautiful shop!”.  even under gray skies, my little booth brought a little pretty to those who walked in.  & that was so very reaffirming & reassuring to know that i am doing something right. 

i imagine things can only get bigger & better at next year’s season opener. 

 & just maybe, nicer neighbors too!


4 Responses

  1. Oh MaryAnn your shop looks beautiful!

  2. Congrats on getting through the last show of the season. You’re booth looks terrific!
    Take care

  3. Oh shows are such hard work, all the setting up, tearing down, being asked the same questison over and over ;-), taking a chance on not so nice neighbors….been there done that and now I’m just to old to have the energy for it anymore More power to you sweetie, the benefits can certainly outweigh all the rest. 🙂 Having fun with customers, meeting and making new friends from customers to friendly vendors, being complimented on how you’ve styled things, knowing you did good, making money. 🙂 Having more fun than not, that’s what’s important.


  4. everything looks so pretty–i love the way you showcase your party dresses.

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