lifting the FOG

on my way running errands the other day, i stopped by a local discount store near the post office & came across this book, pace of grace. it was significantly marked down. it practically jumped out at me as i was looking for some fun trinket to give one of my speech students for his 7th birthday.  the subtitle, the virtues of a sustainable life,  actually intrigued me & got me reading the introductory pages. after quickly thumbing through this book, i could see that it resonated with me.   it was as if i were meant to pick up this book.  it was the only copy that i found on the shelf.  the words spoke to me.

just the other day,  i had conversations with my sis jo & then later lia about our respective hectic lives.  how did our lives become that way?  & why?  according to the book, i learned, that we, along with millions of others, got sucked into the FOG: Fatigue, Overwhelm & Guilt syndrome.  i found myself nodding to many of the tell-tale signs of FOG.  overextending, juggling multiple roles, trying to meet the simultaneous demands in & outside the home, working to exhaustion (or on fumes!), constantly preoccupied with the notion of so much to do but never enough time (OMG, that is ME!), feeling guilty if you take a (much needed/well-deserved) break…those are the biggies.  if you have any of the above, then congratulations, you, too, got sucked into the FOG vortex. 

 i am still reading the book.  i bought the book yesterday & am on chapter 3, which focuses on “breathing”.  you’d be surprised to know that most of us tend to hold our breath and/or breathe shallowly.  breath is our life force.  without it, we’d cease to exist. 

when i worked with voice patients, one of the things i used to teach them was to breathe deeply, from the diaphragm.  not only are you projecting good volume, but you are generating energy.  inspire literally means to breathe in… & in doing so, you are letting yourself live life with a sense of “reverence & consciousness.”  the book has a spiritualistic overtone (as the author & her husband studied a variety of spiritual texts in the making of this book), but nevertheless, it offers well-reasoned advice, tips & explanations.  the book talks alot about the “ten rules of health” & about living a gracefully & authentically life as possible.  these notions are so aligned with my personal views.  it reaffirms why it is so important to continue my yoga practice & keep  h2o as my beverage of choice. 

the chapter ends with this pearl of wisdom~

 open yourself to inspiration every day.

words sure to lift the FOG.


2 Responses

  1. wow! that sounds like something i need big time…what an inspiring post…can’t wait…24 more hours til mom + i see you and start putting up the ‘follow your bliss’ flea market show…bringin’ my music any requests? see you soon! xoxo loon

  2. WOW! I need to get that book….I have been in a FOG for probably my entire adult life. It is time for that to change.

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