pink, pink & more pink!

just a quickie post…

am so glad that my pink pages for the itty bitty pink (aka breast cancer awareness) book swap are FINI!  omg…i have pink glitter EVERYWHERE, lol.  poor dh, i’m afraid he’ll be sporting some pink glitter too, hehehe. 🙂

i made two sets, one as a  “thank you favor” for all the peeps participating in this swap


 & the other, my contribution to the book collab. 

 there are about 23 artists participating &  we all had to make a total of 25 pages each.  the 2 extra books will go to a breast cancer survivor (a double mastecomy!) and the other i would like to submit to a local breast cancer auction.  the latter is tentative because i have yet to check my area for any such thing.  if you, on the otherhand, know of an auction needing donated materials OR know of someone with breast cancer or is a survivor who would like to be cheered up, then pls. leave me a comment & i am sure the group will not mind if we give away the extra copy. 

can’t believe that it is fall already starting tomorrow!?   HAPPY FALL!

& have a great week! xo mary ann


One Response

  1. Mary Ann
    Your pages are amazing! Now I’m kicking myself for not particpating.
    Fall is the best! I’m excited. Have a great week!

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