playing catsup!

ha!  i mean, CATCH UP.  🙂

is it just me or what?  but did time just fly by in warped speed?

i often ask myself (especially lately) how in the world did my life get so UBER hectic?  and i’m not even a mom with a brood of chitlins!?!   & where did summer go?!  i can’t believe that the 1st day of fall is this monday!?  omg.  

did you ever notice that busy celebrity-type peeps, like matha stewart, have a whole legion of peeps doing their bidding?  did you happen to catch martha’s show the other day on BLOGGING?  her sister laura & some other dude write her blog for goodness sakes!  must be nice, ya know?   & then there’s the nouveau riche set (like the freaks peeps in the bravo tv show,  wives of atlanta).  they don’t just hire the standard housekeeper, chef and/or nanny.  oh no, no, no.  they hire people for such titles such as “estate managers” & “creative directors”.  & they hire all these people just for ONE family. yes, a single family.  not a business or corporation, mind you, but a single family home.   what the…?!  

i know, i have lamented on more than one occasion about needing an assistant or two (or even 3)…but at this point, that is all fantasy talk & wishful thinking.  i just have to cut myself some slack when i start berating myself about getting overwhelmed with all that i do.  i have to remind myself that i am only one person who can only do so much in a given day.  i have to allow for some “me” time, even in the midst of chaos & not feel guilty either.  i need to protect & nurture my joie de vivre.  otherwise, i’ll go through life a sad sack & who wants to be or do that? 

i have to accept that i am only human, one person involved in quite a number of things, many of which are by choice.  to have faith knowing that things will get done when they get done.  & the flexibility to make changes when something no longer works or is effective.  to be gentle with myself and know that i am doing the best that i can each day.  these are all reminders i need to take to heart, especially when life becomes too much to bear.  i’m having to be mindful of these lately.   alexander pope wrote, to err is human, to forgive divine.  i need to be more forgiving of myself when things don’t go according to plan.  & be more of the mindset that things will work themselves out. 

when i 1st started this post, i did not intend on getting all philosophical here…but sometimes, when i get to writing, the thought processes start to take over & then i cannot stop the orthographic “diarrhea”, hehehe.  however, i did intend on sharing some pix from the week & catch you up to speed with what’s been going on in my crazy world.

1) as i mentioned in the previous post, i am tweaking a new site on  i wasn’t sure of the response to the new site, but it sounds like peeps are in favor of it.  you do not know how relieved i am to know that.  it just makes a lot of sense to combine my groups, passions & ideas all in one place.  so pls. stay tuned for more 411. 

2) i have had to push back the release date of my zine project, follow your bliss. i have so much copy & graphics to edit, it’s all been piecemeal, esp. now that i have starting working in the schools (as well as trying to finish up all sorts of arty wips).  also, i am waiting on the receipt of a piece of artwork from an illustrator (who is from outside the us), which i was planning to use as the zine’s cover.   i am willing to wait for her work because i really want a unique zine cover for the premiere issue.  & i just love her illios.

3) i’ve some artwork that i’ve been meaning to share.  ever since i took misty‘s workshop as well as appreciating art from her, her & her, i’ve been determined to keep at it with mine & hone my skills…to develop & grow my own unique style.  this is an on-going process, one that i embrace wholeheartedly.  & i owe it to the above mentors as well as the many other wonderful creatives & dear arty friends i’ve met online.   my sweet marie itty bitty pages for the swap my sis is hosting in our flickr group.   


 my itty bitty pages for the halloween itty bitty book swap (hosted by terrie r.) in the same flickr group noted above.  i have also been working away on some other themed itty bitty pages, namely  pink & vintage christmas.  when those are done, i will be sure to share on the bloggy. 

 a 5×5 mixed media collage on prepared cardstock that i made for a rak book.  it was for a gal who sadly lost twin boys shortly after their premature births. it is always a challenge to create something for someone whom you don’t know personally & who has suffered such a tremendous loss.  but i was inspired by the song, angel, by sarah maclaughlin.  i liked how this piece turned out.  i hope the grieving parents will find some comfort.

i hope to create more of these mixed media collages…i have a couple of weddings coming up…& i would like to create more to give away…& eventually sell.

4) a week from today, i will be vending at the same antique fair that i did with my sister jo last month.  so i’ve been also trying to get ready for that as well.  thankfully, a lot of the merch has already been priced.  just gotta refinish a couple of things as well as make up more hang-tags.  then we’re good to go.  our mom, pat, will be joining us next weekend…all i gotta say is that it’s gonna be a wicked fun weekend! hee:) 

5) the new school where i’m working at is going just fine.  it really is a nice change from the last couple of years where i had worked with rather involved students on the autism spectum.  this year, i have young elementary kids & they are too cute.  i had been working with older kids the past couple of years, that i almost forgot how much fun it is working with this age range.  i’ve got to stock up on stickers as these kiddos seem to do almost anything for them.  too funny… i also appreciate my short commute to/from school.  it is such a HUGE relief to not have to fight highway traffic & guzzle so much gas. some morning glories (which i digitally enhanced btw on phtoshop elements) that i spied one day in the school parking lot.  seeing them as i got out of my car brought a smile.  🙂

6) a couple fridays ago, i found out about this incredible, mother of all rummage sales.  it was hosted by a local altered art artist, who lives north of mad city.   & man,  he was not kidding when he needed to do a major DESTASH.  i am still recovering from my experience at his sale, hehehe.   my hubby cannot ever say that i hold the world’s record for the MOST STUFF.  not until he sees this guy’s garage, 3 storage lockers & entire HOUSE.  you definitely  had to be there to get the full effect!  he had STUFF e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  OMG.

he’s like the “benchmark” for the most stuff, hands down.  (sorry don, it is sad but true!) 🙂  wow, he had mounds & mounds & mounds of old books, mags, ledgers, pix, cigar boxes, playing cards, buttons, etc., etc.  too many to name.  seriously.  here’s some of the loot i manage to find under his MASSIVE collections. i also got a box of (loose) vintage buttons, but they are being cleaned up at the moment.  he is thinking about doing another sale again…i hope some time passes though because i am still, like i said, trying to get over the shock of it all, hehehe.

6) after school the other night, a local boutique hosted a parisien-themed soiree event.  my sis jo, who is absolutely ga ga over all things francais, wanted to go, but couldn’t due to travel & child care…so i went.   annbella’s is the name of the shop hosting the event & i got to know the owner, cindy, this past summer.  i called my sis when i was at the shop & she insisted that i take a ton of pix, which i did.  luckily cindy said it was ok to take pix.  cindy & her crew did a really fabulous job styling the shop.  i also met a jewelry artist, laura, who makes these beautiful creations out of silver chains that she makes herself & then incorporates them with cool glass beads.  there is a bracelet that i am eyeing…so gorgeous.  we chatted & i think i may have to sit down with both her & cindy about the spring issue of the zine.  it is never too early to line up stories for next year’s zine issue.

 (are you happy loon?  i took as many as i felt comfortable taking!  i know, i didn’t get a snap of cindy, but you’ll have to get that pix when you meet her in person, hehehe!).

 okay, this is a wicked long post.  it’s taken me all morning to post this…so i gotta go & get crack-a-lacking in the studio!  have a super weekend!  xo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. It took me two days to read this post!
    It is good to catch up with you!

  2. oh my word!!!!! you’ve been quite the busy beaver!!!!!! man-o-man alive…that painting of the twin boys in heaven is absolutely precious…my heart feels for the mom…i know a lil’ bit of how she is feeling…but that painting is the most perfect love to remind her of her twin miracles…you’re amazing…

    annbelle is a CUTIE of a shoppe!!!! how i wish i went to the paris evening…one of these days i must go and meet cindy…she’s a sweetheart and her shoppe is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! so many things to look at and be in awe at…how i wish i was there with you…thank you for taking those great pics!

    see you in 24 hrs…with mom+my sleeping bag…oh it’s gonna be wacky fun!!! xoxo jo ;P

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