collage play week 7

crowabout wk7, originally uploaded by mainer at heart06.

i missed playing in last week’s challenge, so i sat down & created this digi-piece. the more i practice playing in my photoshop elements, the more comfortable i seem to be. & that is totally a good thing! 🙂

also, i’ve been fiddling around in photoshop lately with creating some backgrounds for my zine project.  this may explain my limited online presence on the blog.  the october 1st release date is coming sooner than i would like, so i am thinking i will have to push back the date a bit.  i won’t bore you with the minutea of my chaotic schedule, but i have to keep reminding myself that i am only one person & that i can only accomplish so much in a given day.  it really is wicked tough being a one-girl operation & i really wish i could take on an assistant (or 2, or 3, hehehe)…but i will muddle my way through this & the zine project will get done when it gets done.   when i set that date back in late spring, i didn’t count on also having to get ready for an antique flea market show later this month…what can i say, i was off on my timing.  i accept that i am human with limitations & i can’t get to everything that i set out initially.  now i can only hope for the best & complete one thing at a time…

but still, i can’t help but keep wishing that i had an assistant, heck a small staff of peeps to keep me on track, ha!


i digress…but it is true, that saying above in my digi-collage.  all work & no play will leave you a MESS.  just a little reminder to myself that as busy as life gets, i still have to remember to work in some time to PLAY. 


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