happily ever after

ever since i’ve known you ashley as a little itty bitty girl, you’ve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding.  well, it finally came true. & my, how you looked like the beautiful princess that you are.  i can hardly believe that you are old enough to get married already!  wasn’t it only yesterday that you & i watched your favorite collection of disney movies? now, you are all grown up, WOW.  how did time escape so quickly?  my eyes are misting over…

you two make such a handsome couple.  we are so proud & happy for you.  wishing you & rob a lifetime of happiness & bliss!  xoxo mary ann & joe

p.s., hope you like the painting…it was created from the heart & truly a labour of love.


One Response

  1. wow! can’t believe how she’s grown…so this is what my lil’ munchkin is going to grow up to look like…absolutely gorgeous! congratulations, sweet ashley and your new hubby, rob- a lifetime of love and endless happiness!

    (ps reya, did you change your format?! looks fabuloso…this is a nice one you chose…i also picked this one when i was trying blogging out for the first time…it’s really pretty!!!!!!!)
    xoxo loon 😉

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