uh-oh, we’re at it again!

cookie swap 2008 badge, originally uploaded by mainer at heart06.

my sis & i decided to resurrect this cookie exchange that we did back in 2006. i know, we are totally crazy for adding more on our swapping plates, but we love cookies! & maybe you do too!

what the cookie swap entails: you may send cookies, recipe of favorite cookies, a handcrafted gift and/or other holiday treats (e.g., candies, cocoa packets, xmas ornament, cards, music cd, magazines/books, etc).

sign-ups until september 26 or until 24 peeps reached (whichever comes first) as this is a 1:1 swap. mail-out date is between november 29 to december 6.

the original group is here. pls. signup there & don’t worry, i will be changing the group name to “cookie swap 2008.”

YIKES…we are totally on crack, lol…OMG!  nuts n bolts, nuts n bolts!!!


7 Responses

  1. I hope this is where I sign up for the the cookie swap. I think this is a wonderful idea. I can’t wait!

  2. hi ruth, you can sign up here as well. when sign-ups close, i will need some way to get a hold of you like your email or mailing address. pls. contact me at your earliest convenience: follow _your_bliss07@hotmail.com

    & welcome!

    xo mary ann

  3. looking forward to hearing more about the zine, it sounds exciting

  4. Hello, I would love to join in on the cookie wap, it sounds like so much fun. Thank You.

  5. signed up and have the button on my blog!
    C is for Cookie- that’s good enough for me


  6. I am so in for this!

  7. Sounds like fun.
    Is it too late to join in this swap?


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