a flea-ing success

a couple of weekends ago, i vended my very 1st antique flea show here.  for years i have been a shopper, but this was my 1st foray as a dealer.  how exciting & nerve-wracking at the same time.   my sister jo & her little daughter, my niece “bon bon”, were HUGELY instrumental to my show’s success.  i think that if i had done it by myself, i would have surely struggled. not so much with getting set-up, but rather managing the unexpected rush of frenzied crowds!  OMG.  having my sis & niece there with me throughout the entire show was an absolute godsend!:) it was a wicked ton of hard work.  but all our efforts paid off.  my little booth did rather well for its first time at this particular venue.  my dh was somewhat skeptical that my “trinkets” as he calls them would even sell.  au contraire mon mari, au contraire.

  case in point… my hubby scoffed at me for bringing these chairs home a couple of months ago.  but little did we all know that these green chairs would cause such an intense bidding war!  you wouldn’t believe how many people clamored for this pair, which i gleefully found for a song.  the legs on them are what sold me on them…promptly followed by their dirt cheap price tags!  these babies fetched above my asking price.   hmmpf, how’s that dh?! lol…

  i’ve been an avid collector of vintage tea cups & all the accoutrements associated with tea as well as other pretties since i was in college.  my dh has never really understood my obsession with collecting these pretty bits of china & silver over the years. but that’s okay…he’s a man, after all, lol (& thank goodness!).  he’s pretty clueless, the dear, when it comes to girly, frou-frou (or as he mispronouces, flew-flew) lovelies.  but again, that’s okay.  i don’t get why he has a kajillion hammers, hand & power tools either.  so we are even on that score.  but i do understand & can appreciate why we collect the things that we do.  i have always been a firm believer of collecting what you love…what brings you joy…& what sparks your passion.   

   you wouldn’t believe how many folks (mostly girls of all ages…tho there were even men who came in & actually bought stuff!) complimented us on our booth.  people asking (more like demanding) where’s your shop? & exclaiming (or rather at times, squealing),  you have such CUTE stuff, ooohahhh,  cool!, how unique, what a breathe of fresh air,  beautiful display, this is like a boutique, love this place!,  etc… 

  it was incredibly overwhelming to be showered with all those positive feedback from  all those people…kind & generous strangers.  it was overwhelming too with how much foot traffic came through.  it was dizzying… my sister got a bit harried whenever i took a potty break.  she’d be shouting after me, “you’re coming right back, riiiiight?!  my math sucks. i’m so dyslexic, lol!!”

  all in all, this was a tremendous learning experience & a relatively positive one at that.  my sis & i took notes on what sold, what worked, what didn’t…

 the plotting begins…

 this show was a sort of test, sort of akin to market research…to see whether or not my junque stuff would even sell.  my dh, as supportive as he is of me, still couldn’t help feeling a little bit dubious.  & to my relief & great surprise, a lot of my wares did.  time to find more treasures to peddle again, tee hee (that’s the fun part, you know!).    i’m signed up here at the same spot next month.  it’s the last show of the season for the year.   this could be the start of something really wonderful.

& i have a funny feeling that things are only going to get better.


3 Responses

  1. I saw your booth! I went to that flea market for the first time and I thought it was the cutest booth. If I go again in September I will make sure to say hi and that I am a fan of your blog!

  2. Bravo! I always knew you would get great reviews from anyone who would see your creative work! and yes this is the beginning of something great.

  3. what a great looking flea market…and the fun you must have had, along with actually selling your things….so fabulous for you !!!
    I have also wanted to do the same thing…sell my stuff….and have never done it….but now you’ve inspired me !!!

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