pining for home

home, originally uploaded by mainer at heart06.

i came across this collage i made a couple of years ago. it is where we used to live before coming to cheeseland. i had forgotten i had made this when i saw it in one of my flickr sets. memories of our charmed life there came rushing back…made me feel a bit homesick.

this piece is a paper collage of pen bay (short for penobscot bay & this area of the bay is known as lincolnville beach, also where you take the ferry to isleboro, a small island just 3 miles offshore). the background is lincolnville beach with camden hills state park in the far background. we were married there on mt. battie. it is my most fav spot to be.  in the foreground, you can see a bit of islesboro. my friend annie has a camp (what mainers call a “cottage”) right on the ocean’s edge pretty much where the scene in this collage takes place.   the pic in the middle is the 150+ y.o. farmhouse that we lived in lincolnville center, about 5 minutes away from the ferry dock.

funny how this paper collage can evoke such fond memories.  i am thinking that i may need to paint this scene…hmmm, one of these days…


one day we will be back there. oh yes. one day.


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