part deux

*** swap sign-ups reopened & extended to 9/6/08 ***

part deux, originally uploaded by mainer at heart06.

i can’t believe i’m thinking about christmas already!!! OMG, lol

i hosted this last year & was asked if i was going to do it again. then i thought it over & said, well, why not?! hehehe…

head over here to read the full dets.

quick scoop:  swap limited to 30 peeps.  this is a 1:1 swap. mailing deadline is november 22, 2008.

(i know lia, i am CRAZED, lol…tote nuts & bolts…’kay, can i just say that it’s all bridget’s fault, hahaha!  after all, she asked me to make a badge for the itty bitty xmas book! o-m! just teasin’ bridge…)


3 Responses

  1. I just signed up for the swap. It looks such fun

  2. Hello, I am so new to some of these sites (wordpress, etc..) not sure if I am doing this right?? Noticed a badge for your swap and tried hard to find you but to no avail. Here I am by accident (how I got here..nobody knows LOL) and tried to get to the details page for your vintage christmas stocking swap and my lovely (have to talk nice to it) computer blocked me (we have a filter) which I sent an “unblock” request and they review and usually open if an O.K. site…takes 24 hours!!! My point is, I don’t mind what the details are and can get them later…but AM I too late?? If not, please email me and maybe even w/details or send later?? Would love to get in on this!! Thanks, Carol

  3. hi carol,

    thanks for stumbling by my blog, even if by accident!

    the xmas stocking swap is actually closed… but if you are willing, i can take on another partner & swap with you. pls. email me if you would like to do this at

    🙂 mary ann

    p.s., i tried to leave a comment on your blogger but i couldn’t remember my old password 😦 so i hope that you will find your way back here!

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