summer of firsts

sometimes that is all you have to carry on and get through life, especially through rough waters or moments of uncertainty. 

one of my main pet projects these days is my soon-to-be released zine.  i have spent (too) many hours behind the scenes to bring this project to fruition.  at the moment,  i am putting together a mock-up of pages to show the printer.  i recently found a very reasonable offset printer (whose surname, btw, happens to be “bliss”!) who is willing & patient enough to work with me.

it’s the first time ever that i’m embarking into the world of zines.  i am somewhat apprehensive, but driven to see this whole thing through.  the sense of urgency is overwhelming.  i feel the need to make this happen.  somehow, not just for me, but for others out there like me>>> enterprising women, who are all trying to follow their bliss.  

i am on a mission

seems like i’ve been doing a lot of “firsts” lately.  but that’s how one learns & gains experience, knowledge & confidence.  after all one has to start somewhere, right?  

& most of all, to always have hope.


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