busy work


i have often thought about hiring a personal assistant. 

but i really can’t afford to hire an “employee” right now…unless they want to work for peanuts, hehehe.

but seriously, i’ve got more than a busy month ahead & i have to get my nose to the grindstone.  i’ve got so much on my plate right now that my feelings of being overwhelmed are becoming counter-productive.

so that means, more behind the scenes WORK & less online presence.

it’s gotta be that way for a while. 😦  but know that i will keep you all in my thoughts & prayers.

so, stay cool & enjoy the rest of your summer!

xoxo mary ann


7 Responses

  1. When you are ready to employ an assistant – give me a call. That is my job but it is only fun when you have a creative and interesting business.

    Lovely photo on this post, enjoy your little break.

    Will be looking forward to your next swap group – your’s are the best.

  2. pick me, meeeeeee…oh, hire me!!! ok, i know…that’s impossible as i’m here and you’re over there and well 2 lil’ munchkins between us…but not to worry…free help is on the way…the calvery and i will be packing up our saddles, my french tunes and heading north on tuesday…to help on your newest and greatest adventures…eeekkkk…this is going to be really interesting!!!!!!!!!!! cu soon and um…really, are you truly going to take a BREAK?!!!!!!!!!! yea…right?!!!! xoxo loon 😉 ps…ditto…love that photo and the adorable font…was that from you know where…a certain cottage up in door county?!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmm….simply beautiful!

  3. pps…loooooooooooooove your new bannnnnnnnnnnnnner!!!!! those vintage dress forms are absolutely magnifique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are truly one of a kind and simply a master in creativity!!!!! xoxo loon 😉

  4. Wonderful photo! 🙂 Have a relaxing and wonderful break! 🙂

  5. Valley Ridge and Misty are just the best and I’m so happy that I got to meet you there !!!

    We did have a great time and I was just as scared as you were with the whole face painting and all….but in the end, Misty taught us so much and for that I’ll be greatful !!!!

    I just posted our day one at VR and I only got you a little bit in one photo…oh well, it’s the memories that matter !!!


  6. O! I WISH I could have been there!!! All that fresh air LOOKS scrumptious! I just came over to visit YOU from Mistys to seeeeeeeee some pics! Isn’t Misty a DOLL?!!! Now, I’m going to follow the Misty trail over to Beths! tee hee

  7. It was nice to have met you at Misty’s class, and you did great! We all worry a lkittle before a class, but at Valley
    Ridge it just always works out! Hope to see you at another class sometime, or maybe at Assemblage Studio.

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