off my rocker

***UPDATE 7/25/08***per the doctor, the hubby is on the mend & will be getting back to his usual chipper self.  thank you for all of your kind thoughts, prayers & messages for the dh’s speedy recovery!  they were very much appreciated! xoxo mary ann & joe

 today, i so wanted to share pix & tales of our trip up north, but things have come up.  up until this afternoon, i was all set to blog about our fun-filled adventures.  but now i am in a different mindset.  while our trip was such a delightful diversion,  returning from it…uh, not so much.  i’m feeling overwhelmed… so many things clamoring for my attention & energy.  i have wips to complete, emails to answer, zine interviews to do, business to conduct, gardens to water….but most important of all…a husband to attend to. 

the dh has not been his usual self lately.   so he had some tests done a while ago & today, the results came back… positive (not what we wanted to hear).  thankfully, the doc had the foresight to give my dh meds & hopefully that will do the trick.  it’s a wait ‘n’ see situation right now.  i am praying that he will bounce back to his usual vim & vigor ASAP!  as you can imagine, i am trying not to worry, to BREATHE lots & remain positive…but it is tough because, well, he is my husband. & i can’t help but to worry & fuss.  i love the man so &…well…i just gotta hope & pray that things will be OKAY. 

i’m going to busy myself with studio wips so i won’t be fretting so much about the dh’s sitch. so i want to apologize in advance for any sporadic (or lack thereof) posting on the blog…my mind is elsewhere at the moment.


8 Responses

  1. Hi Mary Ann ~ I’m praying for you & your family. I’m sending you good thoughts & hope for a speedy recover for your hubby.
    Take care

  2. oh, my darling. Huge, huge amounts of get well vibes for dh. I’m thinking of you both & wishing you love, peace, happiness and most of all, good health.
    Love you so, Mar. Huge Hugs (((((((x))))))) Suze xXx

  3. Your family will definitely by in my thoughts and prayers. 🙂 I hope that your husband gets better just as you said ASAP! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post with us. 🙂 *HUGS*

  4. thank you so much ladies! you are all dears!! i am humbled to know that such love & compassion can come through these cyber walls!!

    the hubby is doing better, taking his round of meds…& per doctor, is on the mend.

    we so appreciate your kind words & well-wishes!!!

    xo mary ann & joe

  5. Oh, so sorry to hear that your husband Joe has been ill. He’s certainly in good hands. I had no idea, I just dropped by to say hi and wish you a happy birthday! I hope to attend the virtual tea party tomorrow on Flickr, that sounds like great fun. And, I wanted to also say please drop by my blog to pick up your award, you always brighten my day!

  6. oh catherine you are so sweet! thank you my dear!!! i heart you, you know!!!! ditto about you too for making me smile!!!!

    okay i will bop by & visit…thank you for that too…aw shucks, you shouldn’t have!!!!

    xo mary ann

  7. Happy Birthday Mary Ann! I am in EST, and getting this birthday parTEA started for ya bright and early (I think it’s around 5:30 am). I just steeped a cup of Raspberry Rooibos, with cream and sugar. And since it’s summer and I’m in HOTlanta, I’m going to throw in a few ice cubes too. I’m sitting here at my computer sipping my tea and wishing you a spectacular birthday lady. By the way, since it’s a special day, I’m using my very best crystal ice tea glasses in your honor. Someone please pass the scones.

    Sending lots of love your way. X-o-X-o-X-o-X

  8. oh, boy…i woke up about an hour ago & started working on my bday post…

    thanks soooooooooo much catherine for kicking off parTEA day & for my bday wishes!!! i will be joining you soon in the tea room…

    i wished we lived closer!!!!

    xoxoxo to you right back!!!

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