wabi sabi


a philosophy that’s been around for centuries…is an aesthetic that i am embracing right now.  not just in my art, but also in other aspects of my life, home & business.  i suppose i have been embracing this concept all along, though not consciously.  until i happened upon this book  where i read about  wabi sabi in a tea cup (page 61).  don’t you love that?  anyway, it basically, & i’m taking this verbatim from the book, states: true beauty is found in things that are: imperfect, impermanent, incomplete, modest, humble, unconventional.

sort of explains why i am drawn to old, discarded things…antiquing, gardening, creating, entrepreneurship…it all makes perfect sense now.  the take me as i am, striving to be authentic, doing my own thing attitudes stem to some degree from wabi sabi.  at least,  to my way of thinking. 

plus, i am so partial to anything & all things TEA, hehehe.  which reminds me to mention that in a couple of weeks, our virtual summer birthdays tea will be happening all day july 27th here.  & in the mail, i received this wonderful package from this very talented gal aren’t these just darling?  when i saw them on etsy, i just knew i had to have ’em. 🙂  perfect timing too as i can show the tea cozy in action for when i do my virtual tea photo shoot, hehehe.  so impressed was i about reading her story, i asked her to contribute a write-up to my zine project.  she has kindly sent me her story already!  & her cute li’l calling cards too  (many thanks tabitha!!).  be on the look-out for the premiere of my zine this fall…it promises to be a WICKED GOOD one!

my sis jo & her kids will be here tomorrow.  we, along with our mom (who’s been visiting us this month), are heading up north for an artful getaway here and here. so the blog will be quiet…  don’t worry, i promise to write all about our adventures when we come back.  until then, why not incoporate  some wabi sabi into your daily life & embrace the art of imperfection?  after all, nobody’s perfect.

xo mary ann 🙂


2 Responses

  1. An artful get away sounds fun.

  2. I love that you have that book–I’ve had it on my nightstand for MONTHS! I pick it up every now and then and always find *something* new.

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