calling (ALL) cards

hope you are all having a good weekend.  been busy, but this time, in the studio.  i have been cutting, painting, gluing…cutting, painting, gluing….cutting, painting, gluing…{you get the picture, hehehe}.  i thought i’d come up for some air. 🙂

i came across a box of various biz cards that i have amassed over time & it reminded me to put another call out to folks in bloggyland>>> i’ve been working behind the scenes on my zine project (which, to refresh your memories, i’ve blogged here & here)…and working on layout ideas for the various sections.  the other day, chronicle books gave me the green light to write an article based on some info i found in one of their books.  i’ve got a cool interview lined up next week.  also, i’ve got quite the roster of lovely gals who have offered to contribute some articles too.  ooh, i am so excited, you don’t know!  women entreprenuers helping other women entrepreneurs…that is the BIG picture folks! 

anyway, sort of got a little off topic…back to the calling cards.  if you got ’em, why not flaunt ’em?  i am planning to devote a two page spread (maybe even a foldout page??! still figuring out if i can do that…)  on cards alone.   when i was going through my stash, i was amazed to see that i have quite the stash, hehehe.  there are some that are ok. some that are a bit blah. some that are adorable.  some that are unique.  some that are wicked clever.  some that are simply fab.  & some that are just plain WEIRD.  but it’s all good. 🙂

so, if you’d like your biz card, postcard, button, magnet (or any other related calling card-type item), etc., featured in my zine, pls. drop me a line at  deadline for all types of submissions is still AUGUST 30, 2008. 

thanks for  reading this zine-fomercial 🙂

have a great week ahead! xoxo mary ann


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