weekend recap & power surges

last nite we had several mini power outages due to a very scary & severe thunderstorm.  constant lightening & thundering throughout the evening…so could not get back online last nite.  also, we’re having some issues with the a/c & i have to put in a service call. then i need to call our satellite service to put in a service order… my mom wants to go shopping again (& wants to go NOW)…told her to be patient ‘cuz i have to take care of some house stuff & make some phone calls…before i begin my taxi service!  omg.  (note to self, maybe i should put a do not disturb until 5pm sign on my studio door, lol!) 

i spent this morning loading pix taken over the past few days…& then making these photo collages.  that was the “fastest” way for me to post the latest 411. i hope these pix will get me through this week.   the next couple of days will be UBER busy.  i have to complete some projects that have to be mailed out by next week.  i am trying to BREATHE (ALOT!), our 1st week’s assignment here.    new handmade art soon to be available here & here… 

 also, dress form assemblages to be available soon…(hey, like my new blog banner, btw?  thanks loon for the suggestion…it never occurred to me to change.  i liked the other one tho…)

  “we HEART uncle joe!” xoxo

 scenes from the rotary garden (where i do volunteer work)…

 antique finds… 

>>>for someone who doesn’t have a houseful of chitlins, i always seem to be WICKED BUSY 2-4-7! omg. 🙂

have a great rest of the week…will be back soon. xoxo mary ann

p.s. thank you my dear lisa for awarding this to me the other day.  i will pass this on soon! xoxo


2 Responses


    You’ll be getting something in return, so watch the mail!!

  2. I do like the banner, colorful and pretty. I also just received an ATC from you today and I love it. I am learning much about things doing these swaps. I see things that I can do better and different! Thanks for a sweet ATC.

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