i’m still alive!

hope you all had a nice long holiday weekend!  we had a fun-filled, activity packed one, except for a little accident that i don’t want to get into right now (OMG, tho!).  my sis jo & the kiddies are back in chi-town, but mom will be here for the whole month.  in fact, she is getting ready upstairs because she wants me to take her shopping.   oh yeah, look who’s gonna be my mom’s chauffeuraki… that’s a little greek slang i picked up from dear lia as she is one too (to her kids!) 🙂

in between my family hi-jinx, i’ve been getting in some studio time, tho it has been somewhat sporadic with what family having been here these past few days.  my 6 y.o. niece, bon-bon, cracks me up.  she is constantly asking to craft & go antiquing… my sis looney (who finally  has a blog after years of LURKING, lol!) calls her “mini-me” ‘cuz she wants to make crafts & go antiquing just like her auntie (aka yours truly).  OMG, lol…we’ve created a little monster, lol, i’m afraid.  but she is too cute, ya know?  i lub my sister’s kids, tho.  they are just the sweetest kids…just like their mama!  xoxoxo

let’s see…here’s a quick run-down, before mom starts hunting me down to take her shopping (luckily, it takes her FOREVER to get ready, hehehe):  i made a couple more dress form assemblages, working on my vpd book pages for this swap, as well as some other swap wips, & making some fun stuff for my shops (i know, it is taking me FOREVER to update them with new merch…)…

i also am participating in this group hosted by another dear blog sis of mine, melba…& then found out i was nominated for another bloggy award by the sweetheart pal, lisa.  i will blog more about these later,  after i come home from my, ahem, other job. 

as a matter of fact, i think i hear her hailing, “TAXI!” …um, that’s my cue, hehehe…

soooooo…have a great monday…i will be back in a bit with more tales & pix to share. 

xoxo mary ann



One Response

  1. O-Em! I’m so glad you are ok!!! I was crackin’ up how u picked up on the greek nickname. are you sure you’re not greek? lol!! I ****LOVE**** the photos above. They are alll gorgeous, esp. one with your Mom!!
    sorry about my dumbo phone today! talk to you in 5. xoxoo

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