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for the past week or so, i’ve had dirt underneath my nails as i worked fervently in my garden.  all the major chores have been done.  so now i’m heading indoors to finally catch up on my studio wips, which all have been patiently waiting.  good thing that i’m switching gears because the weather has gotten warmer & muggier.  & you know how i don’t fair well when the temperature rises.


there’s about a month until the deadline for my itty bitty vintage prom dress book swap, but i’ve been itching to get my contributions completed because Lord knows, i have a ton more projects to do in the coming days and weeks.  i have my work cut out for me this summer, that’s for darn sure.  yip,  plenty to do to keep me outta trouble.   🙂

a while ago in another post, i shared a pix of these altered dress forms.  i made them as sort of a “jump start” to my vpd pages.  it was a good exercise to work out any ideas i had about my concept of what a vintage prom dress should look like.   i think sometimes it helps to create a 3-d model, or mannequin de poupée, to make your mental ideas come “alive”. 

in doing these art assemblages, i developed a clear vision of what i wanted my vpd pages to evoke as well as the overall look & feel of the book covers>>> unmistakably feminine, romantic, glamourous (or “sophisticated frou frou” as i’m calling it) … all harking back to proms of the 1950s era.  the dresses worn at proms of that time epitomized all that.  i wanted my interpretation to pay homage to that style & era. 

creating with purpose… that is my little mantra in the studio.  i spend/expend an inordinate amount of time thinking & experiementing when i am working on a given project.  i am always thinking of new or better ways to put my own personal stamp on things. i always strive to be original in my creations.  yes, inspiration is everywhere.  but the real genius is figuring out your own way of creating something truly unique based on the inspiration.  i think that is the true mark of an artist.    


2 Responses

  1. aaammmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnn!!! your words are so true and words to live by. your latest creations are utterly BEAUTIFUL and sooooooo UNIQUE…yes, inspiration IS EVERYWHERE and i totally agree that it’s YOU and your PASSIONATE IDEAS that can make something ordinary quite EXTRAORDINARY and quite DIFFERENTLY UNIQUE. thank you for the reminder…

    can’t wait to get started on my vpd itty bitty pages…found some great stuff to work with…ohhhh…the wheels are turning! xoxo loon aka jo 😉

  2. Oh my those are pure eye candy- just beautiful!!! True. Artistry.

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