nude has been this month’s spc topic.  i’ve been reticent to participant this month.   i’m a rather modest  person & this topic was, frankly, uncomfortable & well, intimidating.  when i looked at what others were posting, i saw that many pix were very artful & discreet.  stripping down to your birthday suit is not something i ordinarily would share outside of the bedroom, but the folks over at spc said that we can reveal whatever felt comfortable, given this month’s topic.  this is the last week of nude.   i figured that there’s always a first time for everything…so, with digicam in hand, i headed for our bedroom.

i had to work myself up to an au naturel state.  my first shots were of me smiling my usual smile.  then i moved on to more moody shots.  & when i felt brave, took a few head shots sans clothes.  that was as far as i was willing to go.  the experience made me feel at once both vunerable & introspective.   vunerable because i was exposing my naked self in front of the camera with all the good, bad & ugly bits.  introspective because i was made to confront myself.  i mean, really look at myself & see what’s beneath the surface… at the core of my being.    my initial impressions were, ouch, harsh!  then, i looked again, more closely, & discovered that i rather liked what i saw.  i’m not as hideous as i sometimes make myself believe…not in the slightest.  not half bad for someone my age either.  i do try to take care of myself, physically, mentally & spiritually.  i think my pictures show that.   i am a real down-to-earth person, one who has her faults as well as talents, and one who is definitely a woman of substance.   

baring all may just reveal the naked truth about yourself.    


3 Responses

  1. you’re beautiful inside and out!!! wow…what a neat perspective…both photo and your thoughts…looking at oneself can be a difficult task but when you look in and see the beauty within…it will truly match your outer skin…which this photo and your thoughts have captured…BRAVO, reya!!! Thanks for baring ALL…in such a graceful manner…xoxo loon 😉

  2. You are so brave, and I believe you
    are absolutely beautiful, inside and out!!
    Bless You!,xo, Jane

  3. Yes, you’re beautiful! I’m glad you can truly appreciate yourself. That’s the best part, isn’t it?
    xo, Michel

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