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only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go  ~~t.s. elliot

i have been working arduously in my garden & yet it seems that there are never ending chores.  as soon as i complete one task, i quickly see that i still have more work to do!  but while i was battling with the weeds, it dawned on me that i had better get cracking on my zine idea.  so yesterday i decided that i had done enough pondering and shared my desire to create a self-published ZINE. 

  i chose PRINT over BLOG because i felt that a tangible reference source was much more convenient,  portable & lighter than lugging around a computer.  can you imagine stuffing a desktop in your handbag everywhere you went?  practical? not so much.  truth is, it is infinitely easier for me to fully digest information when i can physically hold the printed words in my hands.  plus, i can pour over the information whenever, wherever & as many times as i want.  i don’t know about you, but it can become both tiresome & cumbersome to read info on the computer for hours on end.   it can literally be a pain in the neck. 

not that i have anything against doing a blog zine, mind you.  it’s just my personal preference.  for me, writing has always been my most effective means of communicating my thoughts and ideas.  unlike my hubby, i did not inherit the gift of gab.  i can only think of some witty comeback or impart some pearl of wisdom only AFTER i had time to reflect & formulate in my mind of what to say.  that’s why when you first meet me, i may appear reserved & quiet (until, that is, you get to know me, then i am not so).  i’m a think first, act later  type of gal.   i like to observe, muse, deliberate & then take action. 

by taking on this project, i am aware that it is a big responsibility to bear.  but it is something that i feel i must do.  not just for myself, but for others like me who have dreams just waiting to be fully realized.  see that quote above in my blog banner?  it is there as a reminder that we only have one life & the choice is ours to live the best life ever.  

also, i want a VOICE.  i want to share what i know and have learned over the years on a topic that i have become quite passionate about:  women entrepreneurs.   the zine format is ideal because i can focus on this specific area without having to form another blog or constantly post about this subject on this blog.  i wanted to share my vision, but separate from my blog.  & then of course, i wanted to impart my vision in a more tangible way.

my plan is to publish my zine biannually.  once in the fall & the other in the spring.  so that is where i came up with the october 1st release date.  the zine itself will actually be a “half zine”.  basically, an 8.5″ by 11″ paper folded in half.  i was planning for a 24-30 page spread. the zine will be both in color & in black & white.  i forsee the cost per zine to be around 9 or 10 usd.   i have some experience laying out pages having worked on both my high school & college newspapers many moons ago.  i can still remember my days at the depaulia where i have spent many an hour cutting & pasting my features’ section of our weekly paper.  it was a ton of work & loads of pressure (time constraints), but it was gratifying to see my efforts in print.     as my dear bloggy sis lia occasionally likes to tease me, i am a taskmaster

behind the scenes, i have already interviewed a well-known mixed media artist & designer for my “artist spotlight” piece.  i have a couple of other interviews lined up with some business-savvy folks.  a couple of on-line gals have graciously agreed to contribute some articles as well.   & others too have emailed me asking what they can contribute.  i am ever so grateful for this wonderfully  supportive creative blogging community of ours.  blogging has become such a great marketing tool.      

one of the sections of my proposed zine is “calling cards”…that is a section where i would like to showcase your unique business cards, postcards, biz logo, buttons, etc.  i actually collect biz & postcards not just for networking purposes but also as arty keepsakes.  i appreciate a cleverly designed card…the unique the better is what i say!  so if you have such a card(s), by all means send me YOURS.  i will try to fit in as many cards this first issue as i can.  any spillover will, of course, be featured in the spring edition.  🙂

that’s pretty much the 411.

i hope you will join me on this new adventure.

xoxo mary ann



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  1. Sounds great!

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