plant the seed


mission statement

to inspire, encourage, inform & empower enterprising women to follow their bliss & to realize their dreams


target audience

any  and all women entrepreneurs (including those aspiring to be) who run a business (on- and/or offline), blog and/or create art of some type (aka YOU)


 now accepting submissions for the following sections of the premiere issue:



small business/indie spotlight (either yours or one that you admire)

blog/website spotlight (either yours or one that you admire)

seasonally relevant pieces (fall theme or holiday related projects, tutorials or special events)

peer to peer (sharing favorite or interesting business tales or musings)



favorite finds

arty/crafty techniques

la coterie (gallery of pix of your best-selling or unique product, artwork,  your shop, etc)

events, celebrations & occasions (seasonally relevant)


in every issue

calling cards (your unique business card, postcard, buttons, logo, etc.)

inspirational page (quotes, poems or pix)


submissions deadline: august 30, 2008

release date: october 1, 2008


all inquiries to

thank you & have a blissful day! 🙂

13 Responses

  1. Wow!! What a fabulous idea!! You rock! I know this will be a fabulous ZINE!!

  2. What a wonderful idea!! Is this going to be an online ZINE? Or is that what a ZINE is, I’m looking totally stupid I know….I love this concept ~ artists inspiring artists! xxoo, Dawn

  3. thanks so much ladies! this is definitely an area that i am PASSIONATE about & i hope that others like you will be too. the idea of doing a PRINT zine has been brewing for quite some time & i thought it was time to UNVEIL & finally bring to light my thoughts & ideas about this phenomenon that continues to grow exponentially in the past couple of decades.

    the above is the actual “business plan” i typed out on my computer…it is a rough draft, but i thought i would get the WORD out. “go ugly” as it were… i am sure that i will end up tweaking the wording & the various zine sections in the final version. i am excited to embark on this new adventure! 🙂

    xo mary ann

  4. sounds like a wonderful idea Mary Ann!! and I know it will turn out fantastically…you’re so creative & talented!
    I’ll email you soon as Id love to contribute somehow!


  5. thanks for your kind words anastasia! that would be great! xo mary ann

  6. What a wonderful idea

  7. thank you alison for your generous comment! 🙂

  8. What a fantastic idea MaryAnn! If anyone can motivate others to follow their dreams, it’s your gentle good nature. I look forward to receiving my copy in the fall. ~ Catherine

  9. thanks catherine, that really means a lot!! xo mary ann 🙂

  10. How cool, can’t wait to see what develops with the zine.

  11. Hip, hip…HOOOOOOOOOORAY!!!!!!! What a fantabulous idea…love the idea of showcasing other artists and the beauty that they create…looking forward to seeing more unknown yet magnificent artists, creative and kindred spirits! You say you’re “going ugly” but I say it’s already going to be beautiful anyway!!! Love you lots, loon xoxo 😉

  12. Very Interesting!
    If I can help I would love to.
    Perhaps this could be a kick -up for me?
    Thanks, MaryAnn !

  13. thanks mandy, loon & jane! your words of support & encouragement mean a lot to me. 🙂

    & jane, with your AMAZING talent, i will be calling on you DEFINITELY!

    xoxo mary ann

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