to dads & fleas (finds that is)

before i go on, i must wish my dad, fil & all the other dads i know a very HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!!!…& i can’t forget the dh, he’s the patriarch of our li’l family! 🙂

this week, heidi is guest-hosting & the challenge is one i couldn’t very well pass up>>>FAV FLEA FINDS!! another great topic & one so near & dear to my heart.  i won’t bore you with how much i love to hunt for sweet treaures… one of my fav local shops, , had their annual “paris flea market sale” a week ago & i found some really fun stuff. 

 i also added some other goodies that i found recently at this big local flea.    in a couple of months, i will be setting up a booth there…fancy that!  🙂

 an antique bird cage (which i mentioned in a previous post) it was marked 30 bucks but the dealer sold it to me for $20 usd!  yay for me, hehehe…just look at the details…

 i found this painted planter last year at the same flea.  i think i paid $15 usd for it.  i was going to use it as storage in my studio, but i think i will use it as a planter, as originally designed. 

 i found this art-deco mccoy vase for a mere $3 usd!  i just love the graceful lines of this piece.  usually mccoy pottery can fetch pricey tags, but there’s a small chip at the top.  but i don’t care…it’s pink, pretty & the price was oh so right! 

 can you tell that i am into birdcages these days, lol?  i’ve been spotting them everywhere it seems & it’s even showing up in my artwork (see previous post below).  this particular one is an altered birdcage that i picked up at that same flea market i mentioned above.  it wasn’t too bad at $24 usd.  i found another similar birdcage at my local thrift shop, which i am hoping i can alter it so that i can have a matching set, hehehe…


this antique beveled mirror is definitely on my top 10 fav antique finds.  i found this about 7 or 8 years ago at an antique fair near where we lived in maine. [i just found a flickr link if you want to see some pix of this antique fair i used to love going to]  the dealer assured me that she found this at an (over 100 years) old farmhouse.  it is in its original milk green paint.  it hangs above the upstairs guest bed.  i think i paid $80 for it…i know pricey, but i’m of the feeling that you should buy want you love & tugs at your heart strings.    

  this marie-esque lamp was found here.  i know that it’s not exactly a “flea” find, per se, but it is one of my faves.  i am planning on a fun art assemblage piece with this one. 

  this is another fave, also not technically a “flea” find, but i did find it at an over the border antique shop.  it is a c. 1940s silk tafetta & tulle party frock .  the dealer told me that this dress was marked down from $20 to 10.  SOLD, i told her, hehehe!

these antique cameras aka  “brownies” i found for a song at another local antique mall (campus antiques).  i decided to throw these in this post because i know when i give these to my sis, jo, (whose birthday is right around the corner!) she will immediately say these are her faves!  she is a photography nut! 🙂

 i end this post with some garden pix…i’ve been mentioning my garden in the last few posts, so here you go.  my fave peony bush is getting ready to burst…

 here’s one nearly there…

 & one that has reached full bloom (note the delicate, wispy red edges)! 

happy sunday…the sun’s out & you know what that means?  back to the garden for me! xoxo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. That lamp is fabulous. Love all your stuff and the birdcages are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

  2. Love that Marie-esque lamp! I have one very similiar to it, and have wanted to create an assemblage piece in her “skirt” for a long time now…One of these days I am going to do it! :0)
    The assemblage shop looks amazing too. I’d love to be able to visit there one day. Wish I had known about it when I lived in WI!
    ~Cerri xo

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