keep on truckin’

someone once said to me, rejection is God’s protection {translation: something better is in store for you}.  i don’t know how much of that is actually true, but i will take it, hehehe.  oh don’t you worry, i’m not going to let that box i received yesterday bring me down.  no sir.  not one iota.  “no” is my vitamin & the more NOs i get, the stronger i will be.  i’m going to keep on truckin’  & do my own thing.  i love creating the work that i do & that is all that matters.  period.

this past week i have been (or rather trying to) tending my garden, as i have mentioned, though the constant rain has started to cause quite a stir in my area.  flooding from the local lakes, rivers and streams have shut off many parks, roads & byways,  raising, understandably, considerable concerns.  so far {knock on wood}, the overflow has not been too extreme in our neighborhood, except for a few minor puddles here & there.  but as far as gardening, the continual rain has literally & figuratively put a damper on things.  still trying to get my garden beds in order!  but we’ve had pockets of sunshine & i try to get in as much garden work that i can under the present circumstances. 

since the rain has delayed my gardening efforts, i have, on the upside, managed to get to work in the studio.  here are some projects that i’ve completed so far.  

 mixed media atcs i created for danielle’s feathered friends’ swap.  i made an extra special one for her as a thank you.   i had such fun making the tiny birdcages that i plan on making more for the shops.  so be on the look out very very soon.  🙂

  i also have been working on some other pieces, like these dress form assemblages, which i plan on putting in my shops too…

   then i got busy working on my prototypes for the vintage prom dress swap that i am hosting.     i created a couple of original vintage-inspired dress templates, as i am making 2 sets of pages; one favor page & the other, my contribution.   i am tickled with how they turned out.  lately, it seems, i am cranking out 3-d, chunky stuff.  that’s what the brain neurons are instructing the hands to create, so i happily comply. 🙂

since school has let out (well, actually even before school let out), i have been  fervently thinking about self-publishing.  not through blurb or some such company, but rather, i’m talking DIY.  i’ve been researching this idea of mine for awhile and also feel rather fortunate in having had some journalistic experience in my collegial & high school days.   all arrows seem to point to go.  so when i am ready to discuss my plans, you’ll be among the firsts to know. 🙂

it’s late now & the eyes, they droop.  i have more pix to share, but they will have to wait.  until next time, bonne nuit.  xoxo mary ann


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  1. What a coincidence, I’m in birdcases too lately! You showed us lots of pretty things, thank you so much! And those peaonia’s are so lovely, they are my most favorite of all flowers!

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